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Guild Recruitment
Warforged Warforged is a 20 man mythic progression raiding guild located on Moon Guard. The guild was founded in 2010 and has been raiding Heroic/Mythic progression ever since. We strive to field a competitive raid team and expect a high level of performance from our entire roster. We raid 3 nights a week. Tue/Wed/Thu and sometimes more optional raids during progression. 8-12 server (9-1 est; 6-10 pst)

Main raid nights are reserved for progression Mains with normal being on an off night and is not mandatory. Alts (that are properly geared) will also be welcome. We also run keys through out the week, ensuring that everyone who wants to get a +15, gets it done.

We are currently seeking dedicated and high quality raiders for our core mythic team: All classes/specs will be considered. Mythic: We are looking to recruit people that are ilvl 350+, have 20 points into their Neck, and are at least AOTC. If you aren't quite there, we are willing to make exceptions in some rare cases. Having a tanking/healing OS is a big plus! If we aren't recruiting your class but you think this would be a good fit for you, shoot us a message - we will always consider exceptional players with the logs to back them up.

** IN NEED OF Ranged / Heals **

We use RC Loot Council for all Raiders for all unbound gear. Feasts and cauldrons are provided for main raid nights. We ask that our raiders come prepared with additional flasks and personal food as a back up. Invites go out at 8:45pm so by 9 we are all in and pulling trash. There is up to a 2 week trial period for new recruits while we evaluate your performance, make sure you can do the mechanics and review logs. During this time you will be Ineligible for loot. The only thing we are serious about is raiding - we are an easy going meme fueled group, we like to joke around with each other and have a good time. We have an active discord where everyone is welcome to come and hang out, chat, etc.

If Warforged seems like a good fit for you, or if you would like to talk further with someone about joining, please don't hesitate to leave a reply or send me a message on discord b1n4ryk1lla#0982

Please have logs ready for review!

Please note, although Warforged is located on a role playing server, the guild's primary focus is 20 man mythic progression raiding, not RP.

We look forward to hearing from you!

What We've Done
★ Tier 10: Shortly after forming as a 10-man guild, we cleared 12/12 HM in Icecrown Citadel and earned [Glory of the Icecrown Raider] along the way. Our heroic LK kill was #3 on the realm, and our heroic Halion kill was #2.

★ Tier 11: We made the move to 25-man raiding and cleared 8/13 HM, several of which were server first kills. We went on to earn the server first [Glory of the Cataclysm Raider].

★ Tier 12: We cleared 6/7 HM in 25s and earned [Glory of the Firelands Raider].

★ Tier 13: We cleared 8/8 HM in 25s and earned [Glory of the Dragon Soul Raider].

★ Tier 14: We cleared 10/16 HM in 25s, several of which were server first kills, and earned [Cutting Edge: Will of the Emperor] and [Realm First! Sha of Fear].

★ Tier 15: We cleared 11/13 HM in 25s.

★ Tier 16: We cleared 14/14 HM in 25s, and earned [Realm First! Garrosh Hellscream].

★ Tier 17: We cleared 5/6 M in Highmaul and 8/10 M in Blackrock Foundry (several of which were server first kills), and earned [Glory of the Draenor Raider].

★ Tier 18: We cleared 13/13 M after achieving many server first kills, including [Realm First! Archimonde].

★ Tier 19: We've cleared 7/7 M in the Emerald Nightmare, 2/3 M in the Trial of Valor, and 8/10 M in the Nighthold.

★ Tier 20: We've cleared 5/9 M in the Tomb of Sargeras.

★ Tier 21: We've cleared 11/11H (1st week) and 6/11 M in Antorus, the Burning Throne.

★ Tier 22: We've cleared 8/8H 2/8M

I wish I could raid with y'all.
03/02/2018 12:22 AMPosted by Loley
I wish I could raid with y'all.

get to max and work on your gear and we'll talk :)

Also TTT!
Yes, hi, I'm a mistweaver priest.
WTB Heals
Bump. We're still looking for healers MW or Restoration Druid Preferred.
Notice me Senpai *glares at mistweavers*
bump bump it up you got to bump it up
LF pro resto sham so i can not get all washed up
1/8M still looking for a full team
2/8 M zek to 20% Still need a Disc Priest and ranged!
Bump, Still in need of a Disc Priest/Ranged!!!

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