"Enhancement" name = zero class fantasy :(

11/09/2018 05:08 PMPosted by Serramental
I like Boulderdasher for enhancement.

Elementalist for elemental.

Tidebringer for resto.

I'm not fond of Boulderdasher. The other two are pretty good though.
Enhancement used to be about enhancing things, your own weapon with flametongue, windfury, frostbrand, etc., then with your totems.

But since Blizzard wants Enhance to be a 4th warrior spec, rather than a 3rd Shaman spec, the name doesn't make much sense.

11/10/2018 02:54 PMPosted by Kalarm
Blizzard said in legion that they wanted Enh to not be "Elemental shaman but in melee".

And lol, if that was their goal they failed. They need to revert the Legion rework and just go back to the older version of Enhance. The version that actually felt like a shaman spec.
I agree, its bizarre that enhancement doesn't have any sort of raid utility when its the one spec who really should. Why do monks and DH randomly give a 5% dps buff now and Shamans don't give something? Don't say Bloodlust, you can use drums for that.
Enhancement imo should be a group buffer.... but of course that didn’t happen.
I think it's fine. You use the elements to enhance your melee skills
Just call it what it's often misnamed in trade chat: Enchancement.

It feels more 'fantasy'like, doesn't it? /s
Enhancement fits perfectly. Unlike elemental who directly controls the raw element and directly strikes with them, enhancement indirectly use elements to ENHANCES their melee weapons.
I think everyone is missing what "Enhance" really meant back in 2004. Enhance was the tree that truly did "enhance" the party with buffs. There were a number of talents in the Enhance tree that enhanced you and your party:

- Improved weapon totems
- Guardian totems
- Enhancing totems

As you can see, one of them was even called "ENHANCING totems." So, even though Enhance became famous for face smashing triple Windfury crits, it truly was supposed to be designed to enhance your party.
In place of enhancement... Sentinel?

Although I do like the sound of 'Primal'

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