Unable to complete quest "Cold Hearted"

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At the Storm Peaks in Northrend there is a quest called "Cold Hearted" where you have to fly up to drakes and mount them, and then use the drake's ability to break prisoners out of ice and fly them back. I've watched several videos of people completing this quest to try to understand if maybe I was missing something, but it doesn't appear to be the case.

The prisoners do not spawn for me in ice or otherwise. The npcs simply aren't there, so I have nothing to target and cannot complete the quest. I've tried abandoning the quest, relogging, reloading, disabling addons; none of this has worked. I am currently doing this quest on a Nightborn priest and I'm pretty sure I've done every quest in the zone up to this one that blocks my progress.

I currently have a ticket open for this. Thank you for any help anyone might offer to help me figure this out as it's quite frustrating as I am slowly working on loremaster.
Judging by some of the comments on Wowhead, it looks like this quest is bugged. One poster says that the NPCs required for the quest do spawn, just that they do so very slowly and in a small number, so it may take a few laps around the area on the drake to complete.

It would be best to submit a bug report so that this gets passed on to the QA team. Unfortunately, in most cases a Game Master is unable to bypass a bugged quest for players, so your ticket likely won't get you the resolution you are looking for.
We have seen a few reports of an issue with the quest, I'd agree with Shandiee and please be sure to submit a bug report.

As a workaround, you might try joining the group of someone from another realm.
I confirm I had the same issue (yesterday). I can fly the 3 drakes back to the village, however I cannot see any prisoners in ice. I tried to stay there for a good 10 minutes but I could not see any.

I will try grouping see if it helps
The issue resolved itself after the servers went down for maintenance and the weekly reset.

What a bizarre bug. Maybe it had to do with the Lich King timewalking event? I don't see how though.

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