Getting to Vashj'ir as Max Level

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I'm trying to get the Lunar Festival Achievement and I am unable to use the portal to Vashj'ir. I cannot get the quest from the "Call to Arms" board because I am max level. Is there an NPC I can talk to to get this quest?
The NPC to whom you need to speak is at the Stormwind Dock where the mercenary ship used to arrive. When you get the quest from him, he will port you to the appropriate place.
Should be able to get a quest from recruiter Burns at the stormwind docks, if nothing there check and see if you have any quests to pick up at the area where the cataclysm portals in stormwind are at.
Recruiter Burns on the Stormwind docks should have the quest, though you may need to activate low level quest tracking to see the exclamation point.
Just fly to the zone from Stormwind, if you have max flying you can make it. Ive done numerous times
Awesome, I found him, thanks

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