Should I transfer to this realm?

Hey, I'm looking for a PVE Alliance populated realm. I like hanging out in Goldshire and talking, also I do Heroic Antorus trying to go on Mythic. Would this realm be a good choice?
this is the most populated realm for alliance. very active. good luck where ever you will call home.
I live here, so the answer is of course, YES!
As Injadi said, it is one of the most populated Alliance PvE realms and on top of that when they did a survey of sorts a little while back, Proudmoore was found to be server with the most concurrent players (players who come back / log on every day or so) meaning there are always people around!
Do you ever have to wait in queue to log in?
02/16/2018 02:59 PMPosted by Savanha
Do you ever have to wait in queue to log in?

I have not seen one. I have been here a year.

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