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Area 52
We just xferred to area 52 a few weeks ago, left a dead server. We are looking for more melee, Frost Dk, warrior, enhance Shams, possibly a DH. And we need everything for Mythic +15s and PVP.
We raid normal Tues and Heroic Wed/Thurs 9-12 eastern time. We usually run a solid 15-17 but we need 20 to progress into Mythic.

A bunch of us are drunks, we rock out in discord, Here to have a good time.
Hit me up on Btag Jase#1898
Thought I would Add some clarity to this post for Grimm :)

We are 11/11 Heroic right now looking to push into mythic just transferred to this server about 3 weeks ago. We used to be #1 alliance before we pushed over here, because even being #1 still cant recruit.

What we are looking for..

Adults.. No applicant under the age of 18 will be considered. Prefer people to be at least 21 years of age. As a Whole we average around 30.

What we do for you. We provide flasks, food, enchants, gems etc!

What we need from you. 75% raid attendance minimum, Need people to be relaxed and ready to have some fun. Wipes are going to happen, don't be a !@#$%^.

Pwnagraphy is more then a Raiding guild, we are a community, We are always active in discord, if were not on wow, were either playing some over-watch together or d3 or something.

We keep the atmosphere friendly, have a good time.

Relaxed guild that likes to get -*!@ done!

Check us out, Send me a btag request

We are looking for another healer, Preferably
Holy Pally
Resto Sham
Holy Priest

Still need melee DPS
Frost DK
Ret Pally
Fury Warrior
Enh Sham
Havoc DH
Looking for 1 - 2 players. Open to any melee class or a strong range class that can perform. We have already started progression into mythic with a short 45 minute timer we almost got 1/11 was at 8% >< Just looking to fill in the last burst dps slots.

Healer slot is closed.
Bumping this, currently seeking any 950+ dps no longer limited to melee

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