[H] <Land of Our Fathers> is recruiting

Ghostlands and Kael'thas
<Land of Our Fathers> is a Horde based guild that is looking to grow so that we can better assist our members in achieving their goals. The number one most important thing to us as guild members and people who really enjoy playing WoW is to build our community. Our vision is to try and achieve a community where all are welcome. We have a good core of players who are knowledgeable in many aspects of the game and are always willing to help others or welcome advice on how to get better.

Now that you know what we are, let me make very clear what we are not:

-We are not going to judge you on who you are and will also not tolerate our member’s being harassed or discriminated again for any reason what so ever.

-We are not into drama, at all. Our guild will probably require you to have some thick skin as many a perverted joke has been cracked and a joking insult passed along. We are light hearted and that’s what binds us together. Knowing that in the end we are all friends even if this is just in this game we all love. I know that this can be a fine line given the first statement in this section but we believe there is a balance that can be maintained and will actively work to maintain that balance.

-We are not a hardcore or even intermediate raiding guild. Our goals with raiding is to experience the current content and lore that comes with it and to gear up so that we can work on the next tier when it is released and then do it again.

-We are not elitists. We understand that we all had to start somewhere and that you may just be starting to understand how to best maximize your character or you may not even care and we aren’t here to judge you about that. On the flip side please be able to take friendly advice when it is given.

Now that you have read all that we understand that these next few months in the build up to Battle for Azeroth are going to be a huge time of transition and in the end none of the gear that is obtained now will make a difference then. So, with that in mind we still want to run Mythic+, PvP and casual raiding for the experience and for the sense of community it will bring. I promise as a representative that if you come spend time with us we will do our very best to help you achieve what you want to but please don’t try to change us or who we are.

If after all that you are still interested please look me up using battletag FareEnuff#1975 and we can talk.

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