Cant create a DH... TF?

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Is this a bug??? DH is my favorite class and I dont want to see it off the class list! UGH
Do you meet the requirement to make a DH on that server, and do you already have one on that server?

If you recently deleted a DH, it has a cooldown of about 2-24 hours before you can create a new one.
Could you be a little more specific? The DH class is still available on Legion accounts that are active.

Is your account active? Have you recently tried to create a few DHs as there's a cool down on creating them (due to bad people exploiting them)?
Do you have a level 70 on that server? Do you already have one made on that server?
Your character profile (OP) says that you are a night elf demon hunter. If you're trying to make another DH on your server, that's why. Only 1 DH per server.

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