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Dawnbringer and Madoran
hello all, Horna here on Dawnbringer. i've recently returned from a long absence from WOW. the last character i ran was back around TBC expansion i think - Blizzard had just opened up Hellfire Peninsula, so whichever expansion that was. i had a 60 Warlock and before that a 60 Warrior.

the game has changed SO MUCH since then, obviously it's been a long time in the interim but i'm feeling a bit lost. the leveling process is 100% easier than i remember, for starters. the grouping/guilding is what totally throws me off, though. i like the new LFG Dungeon Finder thing but it doesn't foster much of a sense of community - i mean folks don't even sign off with "GG" or anything most of the time - not that i should be too surprised about that.

i guess i am feeling a little alone in the world. how does one go about joining or learning about a guild? they're no longer realm-specific, is that right? i've tried using the guild finder in-game to request some joins but i never get any responses, is that dead tech? (maybe just low activity guilds)

i am basically looking for some folks to do instances with and to help out a guild by stocking the guild bank with consumables and helping gear the lower levels. is that even a thing anymore or do many people take the level 100 boost and that's that? i'm a fairly casual player so i'm looking for a laid-back guild... just not sure how to find one these days.

thanks all, hope to see you in the field at some point!

Old, Grey & Bemused Horna
It is different, I just came back after like 5 years. We have a guild but we allaince :(

Our hordies are on another server, you do run into peeps though, I have. I do have 10 RL friends that play also.

Good luck!!! Hope if we face each other on the battlefield I win. Cuz I like cow burgers!!!


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