Guild Recruitment
If you guys were at all interested in coming to horde, we'd be very interested in having you!

Tank Breakers is a tight-knit, progression priority type of guild that still strives to keep a friendly enviroment at all times.

Our members stay focused on progression while also joking and goofing around, but our main goal is to clear bosses. Outside of raids we are group that enjoy pushing mythic keystones and getting everybody the +15 for the week.

Raid Days and Times :

Tuesday and Thursday Raids
Invites: 9:15pm EST / 6:15pm PST
First Pull: 9:30pm EST / 6:30pm PST
Raid End: 12:30pm EST / 9:30pm PST

What we hope to do between Legion and the first raid tier of BFA:

-Establish ourselves with a group to clear Normal and Heroic.
-Keep recruiting until we have a core 20 man raid team in place.
-Begin Mythic Progression
-Become a Mythic Raiding guild that can clear before the next raid tier.
-Have our 22-23 core raiders, we will be doing a bench system based on what is needed for the fight.

What we are looking for:

- Healers (Holy Priest Preferred)
- DPS (Ranged and Melee)

If you are interested, you can contact us via Battletag:
Aarius - Guild Master (Aarius#1625)
Nerbies - Officer (Rebelsketchy#11218)
Kiskee - Officer (Ansoni#1771)
Unlucky Officer (IAmRedMyst#11611)
Heya Asm,

my guild is laid back chill but semi about progression. We may be a good fit for you guys. We have been a heroic guild for 2+ tiers now but trying to break into some casual mythic raids. But our main focus will always be heroic. So check us out:

see if you like what you are seeing both in philosophy and raid times.

-Signed GL of Hubris.
I second enigma's post. With your team part of our core group we would be in casual mythic territory :) im a big fan of the community we have built in hubris and I'd love to get the chance to talk it over with you.

I sent you a btag request- earthwyrm#1108. Good luck in your search, I hope to hear from you!
Inb4 spam. Weekend raid working towards Heroic (Alts of Mythic raids and Heroic raiders. Mains sometimes come as well.)

Amateur Night is a semi-hardcore raiding guild. Brought together by a common goal of pushing challenging content while maintaining an enjoyable, community atmosphere.

Raid Progress in just over a year:
2/7M EN
3/3H ToV
4/10M NH
5/9M ToS
Currently: 11/11H 5/11M
We are a guild of working adults with families. Because of that, obligations outside of the game will always take precedence. We simply ask that good communication be practiced.

We're looking for experienced raiders with a team first and friendly attitude. Currently, we have two raid groups that work together with the guild's progress overall being our main focus.

(Mythic)"Helmuts-R-Us"-raids Wed-Thurs 8pm-11pm Est (5/11M)

(Heroic)"Sewer Circle"-raids Mon-Wed 10pm-12am Est (11/11H)

(Heroic/Mythic)"A Little Iffy" raids- Fri/Sat 9pm-12am Est NEW RAID TEAM (11/11N)

(Casual Tuesdays) Heroic Raids- Tues 7-10pm Est


-Weekend Recruitment-:
Healers- (Hpally/Druid/Monk)
Range DPS- (Any)
Melee DPS- (DK/Rogues/DH/Feral)

-Mythic Recruiting-
Range DPS- (Spriest/Mage)
Melee DPS- (DK/Warrior/Feral)

All exceptional players still more then welcome to join! Dont be shy!

If you are looking for great people to play with, we are the right fit for you. In addition to raiding, we do Mythic + almost everyday of the week.

For more information about the guild or if you're interested in joining our ranks, contact Nahlemz(Mythic RL/Recruiter) Btag: PolarBear#1688 OR Emmieana(Guild Master) btag: Stickycow#1390

See you in game!
Hey there.

If you're willing to head back to the horde side, then guild <OATH> (Mal'Ganis) is currently progressing through the end of heroic (10/11H), and wanting to dip the toe into mythic. We are currently rebuilding with this mindset, and have room for all of your people.

Our raid times are Sat/Sun 8-11pm CST for progression / Tuesday as our current Alt run.

If you are interested/have questions. Contact me! Aika#1337
Hey! I think we might be the perfect fit for ya! We're a tight knit group that does a lot of mythic+, raiding and currently clear heroic weekly with ease. Just waiting to recruit enough and gear enough for mythic 20 man raids! We only raid 1 day a week but our motto is essentially keep toxicity away and progress on! However, on our half day we ONLY raid normal or heroic, depending where we are on progression.

We can accommodate all your players as we currently have 18 main raiders, and trying for a core of 23ish. For progression, we will always take the best 20, but rotate through the whole raid group at some point. If you and your friends are interested, please feel free to check us out :)

Good Evening Asmshammy :)

The Killer Bunnies is an Alliance raiding guild on Duskwood that is looking for more people to join the raid team and Mythic plus runs. We are experienced raiders who like to clear content and have fun. We all have full lives outside of the game and looking for more of the same minded folks to join our Team.
We are looking for more people who also want to have fun and make new friends, people that can appreciate people for people and not just DPS numbers. We are generally mature but often silly and sometimes potato.

A bit about us
  • AOTC every raid
  • Our main raid nights are Tuesday and Friday and we start at 7:00 pm EST
  • We use Discord, have a Facebook page and several streaming members on Twitch and Mixer
  • We offer Mythic plus nights and non raid events

What we want from you:
  • Show up to raids on time, prepared, have current knowledge of your class and the boss encounters.
  • Have previous raid or mythic dungeon experience and you can play at a competent and competitive level.
  • Being able to raid 2 days a week for 3-4 hours a day, preferably Tues/Fri 7:00 - 11:00pm (ET).
  • Be able to take constructive and friendly criticism to improve your character and play better.

If this sparks your interest or if you have additional questions please message/add Anaranae#1516 on BattleNet or Discord Anaranae#3307
Thank you for your time and have a great day,

I have included links to our Guild recruit post:
and WoW Progress:
I sent you a friends request would like to talk to you about your group think you all would fit in perfect with our group and very little class and spec changes from what you guys are playing now. request sent from Poke#12441

Raid days are T/TH from 8-11 EST
made a couple edits for days and available times. will be in game later today
Hi Asm,

I'm not sure if this is good or bad but I think we can accommodate all of you with some minor shifting on our end. Our guild information is below. The only person on our side that has to adjust is me and I have multiple toons I can play. My tag is Toppy#1346.


[A] <Control Freaks>@Proudmoore is recruiting. <Control Freaks> has been around for many years and is back after a long pause from Tomb of Sargeras and a late start in Antorus. We are working our way through Heroic (11/11N 8/11H) with the intent of moving on to more difficult content. We are in need of core members to fill most positions. We need raiders who can learn quickly, while also having fun. This is a game after-all. Item Level isn't a requirement. You will gear with us as we progress.

If you are new to raiding, you are definitely welcome. We all started somewhere and are willing to teach! Since we started late, this is a good place for rerolls or alts that are looking for a weekly normal farm run to catch up.

We also regularly do Mythic+. Raiders and non-raiders interested in pushing their Raider IO scores are always welcome. We are primarily looking for dps who can meet the demands beyond +15 and aren't afraid of places like Seat, Cathedral, or Lower Karazhan on Tyrannical (looking at you Moroes). If you like doing +16, +17, and +18 and want to help push beyond we have a home for you.

Raid Times:
Tuesday 5:30pm-8:30pm Pacific
Thursday 5:30pm-8:30pm Pacific
Friday 5:30pm-8:30pm Pacific
Saturday 5:30 pm - 8:30 pm Pacific (optional night)

Come join us and stop pugging! We have a lot of fun while we raid. Casual members and casual raiders welcome too!

Contact Toppy#1346 for more information!
Just sent you a B-Tag request, our guild sounds exactly what your looking for as far as raid times and spots open. Hope to hear from you soon. Ill leave spam below.

The Hangout-Whisperwind-Alliance-Mature

We are a Semi-Casual Raiding Guild. Our goal is to get AOTC before each new raid comes out while having fun in the process. This is a game and without fun and excitement what else is there. We are 11/11 N and 7/11 H.

The guild has been around since MOP, but under a different name. We are looking to expand our roster for the rest of legion and build upon it for Battle for Azeroth. The leadership has been raiding together for two years and others since MOP.

The leadership has AOTC for all raids in Legion.

Raid Times and what is expected from raiders
* Tuesday and Thursday from 7:15 to 9:30 p.m. Central Time.
* Flask, food, enchants, gems and repairs are included for raiders.
* Raiders are expected to know their class abilities along with proper rotation. Even though we are casual, we will not carry people through a raid. This is not fair to the other members of the team.
* Be on time for raids, and ready to pull at 7:15, real life comes up. Just let someone know that you will not be there for raid. We do not hold a strict attendance policy for the team, but if you sign up we expect you to be there.
* All raids are posted on the Calendar.
* We are using Master looter for now to help get tier faster for people and then might switch it to personal loot. (This is yet to be determined)

If this sounds like a good fit, or for any questions. Contact me at my B-Tag livelife#11793

As you are going to get tons of spam I will try to be brief. Have a group Horde side that raids Wednesday and Thursday 8:30 to 11:30 Eastern on Zul'jin.

Based off what you have described I think we would be a really strong fit for you.

Sent you a friend request and here is our post with more information:

I really hope you will give us about 10 minutes to chat! If not best of luck in finding a guild!
Damn, I thought I hit the jackpot! Unfortunately we are full on tanks and healers, so your tank would have to go dps AND you'd have to faction change. Still, going to post my info. Probably a long shot but maybe you will be interested.

We raid Friday+Saturday 8-11pm EST. Most have heroic exp(I have 11/11 H exp) but we are helping some newer players gear up in normal first. I don't anticipate we will be running normal for more than 2 weeks.

Good luck with your search. I hope y'all are able to stick together.


BTag: NoHero#1606
Discord: Zach#4531
Guild Post:
have accepted a lot of btag request and will send everyone a message as I catch them on but as of now still looking
Okay may have found a place but in the interest of making sure still looking for a place for now
still looking
Hi there,

Would still love to chat per previous post.

Not sure if we are a fit or not but maybe we could chat for 5 to 10 minutes to see?

Sent you a friend request. Kosh#1220
added you and have a few minutes right now if you do
Hey Asmshammy,

We at <Curse of Delusion> are in a very similar situation, we have no want to mythic raid which makes it hard to recruit and replace people that have decided to quit raiding. We prefer a laid-back but efficient approach to raiding this expansion, we raid one day a week (Sunday 9pm-midnight EST). Your main post made no mention to whether you guys were available for Sunday raiding, so I'm hoping that is not an issue. We would have to do some character swapping and find out what all you guys can bring (we currently have 2 tanks, but if the incoming tank is competent and comfortable with our other tank I can switch to a dps). Either way I would like to get in touch and talk it out with you, I add you on battletag. Mine is Fallsmyer#1505.

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