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Every time I click "View Post History" to quickly get to a forum post that I have made without having to search for it or save the URL, I get "No results could be found. Please check your spelling or try different keywords." Would like to get this fixed. I put in a bug report but was sent here instead. Thanks! :)
It has been for months now.
blizzard refuses to do anything about it except to send a CM to tell us that Blizzard considers this to be 'low priority'.

I'll quote the post for you...

...oh wait.
Nah everything's fine man you're just seeing things weird is all.
Since Blizzard refuses to fix or even communicate on the issue, a player has created a work around:

03/09/2018 07:07 PMPosted by Thera
I have created a small page that lets you search for your post history. The page is;


Here you can enter your character name and select your realm and you can see your post history. Enjoy..
some info...

There are also other things you can do like:
Like bookmarking.

03/08/2018 12:14 AMPosted by Nobully
go to google.
type in the name of the posting character, followed by:
select: Tools
select: Any time
select: the time frame

Or include your own signature line like "Cihys sez the goose honks at midnight" make it personal and obscure and google will pick it up in about 24 hours...

Players helping players -- since Blizzard doesn't care. I don't really believe they are woefully incompetent... just that they should be ashamed of themselves.
Does the goose in fact honk at midnight tho?

Been having this issue for months and figured I would check in and answer a question one of my friends asked.

Your post DOES seem to go through from the manual search I did for some of my posts but on really busy forums like guild recruitment or the tavern, your post may just get buried really quickly.

*judgementally files nails* The quality of the forums is quickly approaching Craigslist territory Blizzard....consider that.
03/14/2018 06:40 AMPosted by Vuhdoheelz
*judgementally files nails* The quality of the forums is quickly approaching Craigslist territory Blizzard....consider that.

I think we already hit that point.
Working as intended.

Blizzard has made it clear that they are NOT going to fix this anytime soon, if ever.
Let me find that blue post that says so...

...oh wait.
So, any update on this yet?

Today marks the 76th day the some of the most basic features of a forum have been broken and gone ignored. There are free to play games with higher quality and working forums.

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