942 Prot War LF Mythic Guild for BFA

Guild Recruitment
My available days: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, from 5pm CST on.

My past raiding experience: SoO 14/14 H, HM 7/7 H, BRF 10/10 H (1/10 M), HFC 13/13 M, EN 7/7 M, ToV 2/3 M, NH 8/10 M, ToS 9/9 H (4/9 M), and Antorus 11/11 H.

Other legacy raid feats include: 40 man Onyxia, original Zul'Aman and original Zul'gurub.

Note, this is for a spot starting in Battle for Azeroth. I just got back from a break in the game and am too far behind to catch-up with cutting-edge level guilds for current progression (Still wearing some sexy heroic-titanforged Tomb of Sargeras gear).

I will be able to maintain near 100% attendance, assuming your raid days match my availability listed above.

Quick facts about me: I started playing the game in late Vanilla, just around the time of the opening of Ahn'qiraj (I "fondly" remember questing through the Barrens and getting stomped by an anubisath destroyer from the 10 hour war). The character I created back then is the same warrior I would be raiding with y'all with.

Contact me for further discussion if interested: Ugonowhere#1457

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