9/11m MM hunter LFG

Guild Recruitment
9/11m Hunter! looking for Raiding guild. Warlock friend as well if interested in both!

Pretty Flexible with dates and times.
[H]<The Early Shift> [9/11M-ABT] 2 Day Mythic Raiding Guild is now recruiting skilled players for both our main mid-day raid and our 2nd team <The Late Shift> [5/11M-ABT]

US - Bleeding Hollow/Horde

About TES:
The Early Shift is a raiding guild that was formed right before Legion. Our goal is to become one of the best 2day guilds in the US! The leadership of TES has been around since Vanilla, and has a vast amount of high end leadership experience.

What you can expect from us as a guild:
- Strong/passionate/driven leadership that doesn't give up.
- A sense of community and direction.
- Communication.

What we expect from our trials:
- Prepared with relevant consumables, gear, addons, and knowledge for raid.
- Effort to integrate yourself with guild’s community.
- 100% attendance during 2 week trial.
- The drive to improve personal play.

Group A - The Early Shift - 9/11m-ABT
6 hr/wk Raid Schedule:
Tuesday: 12:00PM(Noon)-3:00PM EST
Thursday: 12:00PM(Noon)-3:00PM EST

Group B - The Late Shift - 5/11M-ABT
6 hr/wk Raid Schedule:
Tuesday: 7:30PM-10:30PM EST
Thursday: 7:30PM-10:30PM EST

What we're looking for:
We are ALWAYS looking for players with the drive and the passion to push themselves to be the best. With that being said, we have a few classes in HIGH demand:

Group A:
- Solid Healer [Pref Holy Paladin]
- Havoc Demon Hunter
- Balance/Feral Druid
- Shadow Priest
- Mage (Any Spec)
- Warlock (Any Spec)

Group B:
- Tank (Any Class)
- Solid Healer [Pref Resto Sham]
- Mistweaver Monk
- Exceptional DPS

Very active guild, lots of mythic+ at all times. Couple of raids outside of "Main Raid" normal and such.

How to apply:
If you're interested in joining The Early Shift, please leave an application on our discord recruitment channel : https://discord.gg/x7VJUhz

Any other questions, please contact me via BattleTag:

Guild Master (Zhamy): Zhamie#11997

We appreciate your time and interest. Best of luck with your search!
Hi there, <Air>is a longstanding(established 2013) top 9/11M 7/9M 10/10M 7/7M daytime/morning raiding guild located on the large Alliance server Sargeras. Currently we seek reliable and skilled individuals to help us pursue our Mythic Antorus Progression. Below is a brief summary of our culture, structure, and requirements.

We offer a fun and stable environment and push progression in a reasonable manner in a fun and lively atmosphere.

We raid Weds, Thurs, and Friday 10am-1pmCST. Attendance is the NUMBER ONE thing we look for in applicants so please make sure you can make our times.-

We use a loot council system that emphasizes fair loot distribution to the best benefit of the raid and guild at large

Also we have a large, active, and skilled mythic plus community that enjoys pushing keys to their boundaries.

Additionally, qualified applicants should be appriopriately geared, gemmed/enchanted, and well versed in the content we are tackling in addition to having adequate logs.
*We currently need:*
-Non Priest Healer
-Blood Capable DK for Aggramar
-Any strong and exceptional players

*Addons we require*
-Exorsus Raid Tools
-RC Loot Council
-Weak Auras

*Please contact me at Berl#11782 if you are interested or apply at https://air.enjin.com/recruitment
About Us
Tesseract is a mythic progression guild on US Stormrage (alliance). We are the very definition of a semi hardcore guild. We kill bosses in a timely and competitive manner all while maintaining a fun and relaxing raid environment.
We are currently looking for any skilled healers as well as a mix of ranged/melee dps.

* RC loot council, Exorsus Raid Tools, DBM/BigWigs.
* Experience with mythic raid content at a current level.
* A minimum of 75 traits in main spec Artifact Weapon.
* Discord with Microphone for communication.

Raid Times
Monday THROUGH Thursday 8-11pm EST We add the first Friday of every mythic tier to help push us where we want to be.

Where to Apply
Applications can be done via Discord/Template
Discord : https://discord.gg/kAzgRWb
Application : https://goo.gl/forms/v0xqELhBnXrvDWqI2
Please note that only one app can be submitted.

All skilled players are more than welcome to apply. If you do not see your class on the recruitment list, feel free to throw up an application. We are aiming to reach top 50 US, and all exceptional players are welcome!

HFC: U.S. 113th Archimonde
EN: U.S. 54th Xavius
ToV: U.S. 73rd Helya
Antorus: U.S. 75th Argus

Any questions add
Keldornblack (GM): Keldorn#1456
Sokzäk(one of the healing officers) phattony#1147
Luggindy(other healing officer) Luggindy#1855

<Red Dragon Society> 10/11M LATE NIGHT GUILD

Hey there Gm/Rl of RDS. Would love to chat. You can add me at Crazzyboots#11659

Raid Times - 10-130 PST mon-thurs


Carried is reopening recruitment to help us finish out Mythic Aggramar/Argus and get ready for BFA! We only raid 2 nights a week but we are competitive on our server and we clear mythic content efficiently. We are looking to add mature players who are interested in excelling in a serious raid environment and enjoy completing other content on off nights (PVP, M+, Achievements, etc.)

About Us:
We strive for an enjoyable raid environment, but a serious attitude towards progression raiding is required. Maximum effort and preparation is required for all raids. This includes consumables, required addons, class understanding, proper itemization, etc. The loot system we use is loot council.

We are Currently looking for exceptional DPS to round out our raiding core! Ranged DPS preferred but all considered!
Raid Times:
Tuesday and Thursday
8:30 PM - 11:40PM PST(Server Time)

If Interested apply at http://carried.wowhordes.com and Contact GM Wednezday#1133 or officers veltshmerts#1300 and Gondhi#1128
Hi, if weekends work~

Fri/sat 6-9pm PST

Core spots open for range , lets talk?! Add my tag Deism#1427

Name: Positive Mental Attitude
Faction: Horde
Server: Tichondrius
Website: http://positivementalattitude.enjin.com/
Progression: 9/11M ABT 9/9M Tomb
Raid Days: Wednesday/ Sunday
Raid Times: 6pm - 10pm PST(Server Time)
Severity of Mal'ganis. 9/11m

Tues/wed/Thurs 9-12pst

Hi, we're 9/11 mythic and pushing the last 2 bosses. Currently we have no hunters and would love another lock. Please add me so we can talk quieren#1193.
Take a trip with <Pirates>!

Hey there, we at <Pirates> are in need of someone of your skills and we have taken interest in having you guys join us.

About us:
We currently have two raid teams pushing hard mythic content through legion. Corsair team for weekends and Buccaneers for weekdays. <Pirates> members constantly do mythic+ together as well as produce great memories together. We are one big family that share many different backgrounds and that’s what makes us work.

Raid Times:
Corsair Raid Team: 8pm-12am EST Friday and Saturday
Buccaneers Raid Team:7:15pm-10:30pm EST Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday

Current Progression:
9/11M Corsairs
10/11M Buccaneers

What are we looking for?
A dedicated raider who shows up on time and is prepared for each raid night. Food and Flasks are provided as well as repairs, all we ask is that you are enchanted and have a basic understanding of what to do and have a constructive/ positive attitude.

More Info:
Feel free to contact one of our officers directly on btag if you have any questions
Daddybeard- LetMeSmash#11395
Scar- Scarcrux#1949

Application Website:
Substance on Mal'ganis. We raid Tues, Wed, Thurs 9-12 EST. We are looking to add a few dps to our roster. If you would like to talk more my bnet is: Nicki#11412.
Sargeras[A] REWIND

Coming back from a break, our goal is to get around 200 US for the next xpac and CE for this tier. Current prog after a week of raiding 11/11N and 11/11H.

Raid time

Tuesday/Wednesday/Friday 7PM to 10PM CST (Need to be online 10 minutes before raid).

Past prog
SoO : 14/14M
HFC : 13/13M
EN : 7/7M
ToV : 2/3M
NH : 9/10M

website : rewindguild.me
Btag: mat#11420

You can apply on the website, and if you have any questions feel free to add me. Our goal is cutting edge on a light schedule and semi-hardcore mentality. We recruit for core spots.
Hey there Nyoxx, not going to copy pasta some annoying thing on your thread.

Add my btag, bolt#11664.

11/11M leadership, new guild formed looking for exceptional dps to burn through ABT.

Tabbed Out - Bleeding Hollow Horde (PvP server, EST)
Times: Wed/Thurs/Sun 8:30pm-12 EST
Website: http://www.tabbedout.net

9/11 Mythic Antorus

Previous Tier:
8/9 M Tomb of Sargeras
7/7 M Emerald Nightmare
2/3 M Trial of Valor
10/10 M Nighthold

TO has a long history of gaming going back all the way back to Everquest. This guild has definitely stood the test of time and has had a long and successful raiding career in WoW. For any questions regarding progression in older tiers we'd be happy to speak with you in game!

To be recruited you must make an account on our website, read our guild charter, and fill out our application. If we like what we see you will have a brief mumble interview so we can get to know you. To apply visit http://www.tabbedout.net/towowrecruitment

Looking to add:

Healing (Holy Priest, Disc Priest, Resto Shaman or Resto Druid) & DPS Spots (DK, Mage, Shadow Priest, WW Monk, Demon Hunter Boomkin) for Antorus progression!

Guild Atmosphere:
- We encourage the use of peoples’ real names and we encourage our members to get to know one another as more than just pixels, to get to know one another on more personal levels.
- The leaders of this guild believe that a guild that is socially close is much more likely to succeed than a group of hired mercenaries.
- We are an adult guild and we make adult jokes and mess with each other, if you are sensitive and cannot handle this, TO is probably not the place for you.
- We use a dkp style loot system. You can read about it here: http://tabbedout.net/towowforums/m/1029991/viewthread/1792799-topp-explained
- We utilize Discord as well


Guild Leader
Darkranger battletag Genghis352#1259

Evilmon - Raid Leader/Ranged Officer
Sikwit - Senior Officer
Smè - DKP/Recruitment Officer - Sme#11814, Discord - Smesus#4820
Skilless - Tank/Recruitment Officer
Hey there, this is Rowin with Business Class on Sargeras. Currently we're 9/11M Antorus and are looking to add to the roster with a few good people. I'm not going to waste your time with a page of guild spam but just give you the basics:

Raid: T/W/T 7:45-11 Server (Central US)
Tenure: On Sargeras since mid SOO (so we're not going anywhere)
Loot: RC Loot Council + 1 core raider alternating weekly (so everyone knows how loot is decided)
Web: BC-Guild.com
Me: Rowin#1764 (most important)

In addition to main raid, we have an alt run, Friday, MTOS run (I will get that KJ kill!) and Sales. I hope you'll check us out and feel like chatting, we're a pretty cool bunch of people...although, I'm pretty biased.

Add me, let's talk!
Vindicatum.com - 11/11M (T21) US 62 | US 31 (T20) | US 37 (T19) | US 50 (T18) | Icecrown Alliance
NO Split runs
NO Alts required
NO Extended raid times
NO Additional raid days

• High: Mage, Ret Paladin
• Medium: Balance Druid, Hunter, Frost/UH DK, WW Monk, Fury/Arms Warrior
• Low: Warlock, Shadow Priest, Resto Druid
• Any and all players with exceptional logs are 100% in consideration

3-days a week - 10.5hrs (EST)
Sun - 8pm - 12:15am EST
Mon - 9pm - 12:15am EST
Wed - 9pm - 12:15am EST

Recruiter: Lup#11167 | GM: Arrow#1690 | Website: http://vindicatum.com | Wowprogress: https://www.wowprogress.com/guild/us/icecrown/Vindicatum
Vindicatum Highlights

Friendly and mature environment. We are an adult oriented guild with a member base comprised of college students and working professionals. Drama/raging is not tolerated and mutual respect is expected from everyone.

A long term guild with history behind it. Our guild has maintained a strong raid team since late 2006 with consistent leadership and low member turnover. We are more than just a guild, we are a community.

We raid 3 nights a week, 10.5 hours per week. We never go over the above listed times. Once the tier is cleared, you can expect to raid dramatically less, many times 1 day a week.

Progression based loot council system. We are committed to a system that is both ethical and equitable while helping us to achieve our goals. No DKP counting or fighting guild members in bid wars.

We love and encourage alts! Optional alt raids scheduled on off nights with strong leadership.

Off night shenanigans. Alt Raids, Old Raids, Mythic+, PvP, Transmog runs, etc.. are always happening at all times of the day.

Past achievements
• ABT - US 62
• ToS - US 31
• NH - US 37 (World 8th Speed, World 6th Execution)
• ToV - US 38
• EN - US 46
• HFC - US 55 (Multiple TOP 10 world HFC speed and execution ranks.)
• BRF - US 116
• SOO - US 45 (10m)
• US ~200 Ra-Den and US ~245 Heroic Lei Shen
• World ~75th Kil’Jaedan/Muru
• World ~100 kills from SSC to Sunwell (all pre-nerf)
• World ~100 Naxxramas Immortal
• Realm first Obsidian Slayer/Magic Seeker/Conqueror of Naxxramas
(H) <Solitude> is 5/11 M on Thall looking for a few more exceptional dps to join us in further progression. We raid Tues/Thurs 9est-12est.

5/11 may be a bit lower than you are looking for but our guild was a cutting edge guild in NH attempting to build back to our former caliber.

Our discord is always active both on and off raid nights doing content of all sorts. if this sounds interesting you can contact me at

White#8146 (Discord)
Turtle#12473 (BNET)
Hey there! Add us on bnet to chat

God Complex - Proudmoore - 8/11 M
Fri/Sat 7:30-10:30 PST (10:30-1:30am EST)


Contact Kannella or Protosoul in game with any questions!
Kannella: Andrea#11734
Protosoul: Protosoul52#1902
hey my guild 11/11 and H 5/11 antorus add myself on bnet
snd we can talk

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