Seeking Alliance Casual Social Guild

Hellscream and Zangarmarsh
Old gamer looking for laid back adult social guild. I've been WoWing for a long time but with many breaks. Last break was long enough that I no longer knew how to play my toons so started a new Frost Mage this time around.

I'm not into raiding - enjoy solo questing & farming. That said, I do enjoy the banter of guildies and helping out where I can. I ran Deviance & Debauchery guild for a long time, but let it go to hell with absent neglect and thus it's now crickets. No ambition to rebuild - though it will always be my first love. ;)

Nothing to offer but my "sparkling" personality and willingness to help with guild events, farming, etc. Any such guild out there?
Right here beers and jokes and raiding. Message in game.

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