Any vanilla players left?

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Why is it called vanilla though. AFAIK it had pizazz. Can we start calling it spumone? Or Spumoni if you’re inclusive.
03/12/2018 02:13 PMPosted by Southshield
Been here since Vanilla too. Remember a week before WoW came out my friends and I just purchased Everquest 2. It was our first computer MMORPG as we were all playing Everquest Online Adventures on PS2. I was pissed because I just shelled out $50 or whatever it was back then and now everyone is telling me they are all going to WoW once its released. Since I wanted to play with my friends I stood outside of Fry's the day of the release where I bought the DVD version of the game and not knowing my CD did not have DVD capabilities so I had to go back and find the CD rom version with all 12000 discs it came with.

Lol friends are the absolute worst aren’t they.

I couldn’t tell you how much I’ve dished over the years on failed quests to get the band back together.

I’m secretly making headway on getting them all hooked on wow again though.

I just make offhand comments about how terrible they’ve always been at MMOS and eeeeeespecially wow.

I catch them on their level 30 allied races at midnight when they think I’m aslepp.

They don’t know you can show offline yet.
Still here, give or take a few breaks..
Played Vanilla here, about 6 months into the game's release.

I had bought the collectors edition on day one but at the time my computer wasn't good enough to play it. Had to wait a few months before I got a new one that would be capable of playing.
I started onn November of 2006. A Human Warlock was the very first character I ever created and I felt so wide eyed back then.

I still enjoy the game to this day. I play when a new expansion comes out, level to the expansion's max level, get a feel for what needs to be done, do things then take a half year to year break from time to time so I don't feel gated because I really dislike how time gated everything has become.

I'll play this game for as long as it stays fun to me. Only way I will quit is if the game goes Disney, all cartoonish and happy/feely like nothing is wrong in the world. I don't expect it to happen.

Just wish they would stop screwing Warlocks with each expansion. I've played Demo since Vanilla and with each expansion is seems to get worse gameplay wise. Mists was the one time I enjoyed it again. I really hate having to play Aff or Destruction to do anything.
Beta- vanilla after a month, couldn't afford it and there were absolutely NO copies to be had anywhere.
That's one many don't remember.

I have taken breaks, sometimes months long. I come back eventually because this is still far better quality than anything going. Which is frightening when you think about it.
Tested the public beta, playing since 2004. I think my guild has at least 5 people who have been playing since then so its not that uncommon.
I waited in line to buy the game at midnight launch day. I lived through the terrible mess at launch and I still remember the apology the Blizzard CEO issued and the free game time added to everyone's account. I've been through several accounts and many many toons. Why, don't ask because I don't even know. I guess I got addicted on launch day and still am.
Been playing since release back in November 04, but Ive taken breaks sometimes for months, sometimes for years.

Haven't played all of the expansions when they come out (like Wrath, Cata and Legion) but I do like to keep up with the game and whats new.

Still have my vanilla Collector's Edition too.
Started in phase2 closed beta, then hour 1 day 1 release. 629 days played on 9 toons.
Master Sergeant reporting in <didnt care to work higher>
i been playing on and off since WoW's stress test then open beta then finally day 1 of game's release. ^_^
Yes this Character was created about a week or so after the game came out.

I have two other Characters that are almost as old; a NE Hunter & NE Rogue.

So yes there are still a few of us around.
I've been around since "Pre-BC". I started playing late in Vanilla and didn't have a clue. I thought my mage was supposed to stab things. Chat was the most confusing thing ever.
Started playing Christmas of 2005, so yeah, I'm a vanilla player. By the time BC came, I was leveled and ready for it. I loved how many different quests and things to do along the way that there were in vanilla. I have enjoyed each expansion along the way.

However, I do dislike how the areas were cut back into so few quests and so much less to do before you moved to the next area. Cataclysm ruined the original questing and made it not as fun to level a new character. Its just too fast now and not enough quests to do, even with the scaling changes. I can't believe the people out there crying over it taking too long to kill stuff! Or that they can't pull 6 mobs and kill them all at once without dying! Get over yourselves! Geez!

I'm the kind of player that likes to take my time and smell the roses along the way. Heck, as much as we pay for this game, between expansions and monthly fees, I feel like I deserve to get all I can out of the game. Sure I want to get to the top eventually with each of my alts, but frankly, it is boring once you get there and just do stuff like dungeons and world quests over and over, waiting for the next expansion to come out.

And yeah, I have been in raiding guilds and spent my time running dungeons, hoping for my chance to get that "one" drop I've needed forever and a day! I enjoyed the guild comradery back then, but thanks to wow and it's everchanging ways, those days are done an over with. =\
I played vanilla until late TBC, did a cpu game overdose, then came back mid WoD, now Legion and most likely will be on BfA.
Honestly I would prefer a futuristic MMO-ARPG-Strategic (like StarCraft), only reason why I log in WoW are my friends.
I can confirm... there are quite a few people who are still playing that started in the pre-BC timeframe.

Most of the folks on the community team actually have played since then as well!
Been playing since Vanilla-beta. Was a wee lad back then, but WOW back then was amazing to me, as I could actually understand it, compared to EQ which was my dads cup of tea.

Have had breaks here and there, but nothing ranging for more than 4 months. Kind of wish I hadn't taken those breaks so I could've gotten a sweet statue.
Well I guess I technically started in vanilla, but it was a few months before BC so kind of a borderline example at best.

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