Any vanilla players left?

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We are always going to be a dying breed. We can’t be replicated and we eventually die. It’s expected. I think there are a good number of us since day 1 of release and before left, but it is hard to find others because WoW isn’t as social as it once was.
Still subbed, even have the orc statue saying I was subbed for the entire first 10 years of the game. :p

These days I've dropped off playing because the game doesn't do much for me at the moment, and the community I was once a leader of has died off completely. It's daunting to join another new community and try again(did it with trying to res this guild this expansion but failed around halfway, just remade the priest on a different server).
I started on this guy on a different server as a dwarf priest named Randalflag early in Vanilla.
I'm still here. Older, fatter, grumpier and mildly annoying to be around but, still here.
legionnaire reporting in!

still subbed, still plays, still enjoys playing :)
I only resub every once in a while but was here at the beginning.
November 2005. Continuous sub since then.

Still subbed but not really playing right now - waiting for BfA!
Around since almost the very beginning, various mains since. Played Old Naxx, and all those "fun" 40 man raids back in the day.
sergeant slaughter reporting in.
I'm still here! Started in 2005 which a bunch of friends from school. I was hooked for so many months. I gave that account to my brother and made the one that i have now back in BC. Been a warrior ever since!
Still here, started out July 1, 2006. *Waves* Christus was my 2nd made toon. First one was a Rogue named Palgaea. Once I got a handle on how to play the game, deleted it and made this toon :D Well, he was a Night Elf :D
I started in BC but I've heard the stories.
Have played since early 2006 with no breaks only because I belong to a great guild
I've been playing since November 2005, not continually as I would have liked but yeah. I'm a vanilla player. This toon started out as human.
Feb. 2005, got it for my birthday :)
May, 2005 here - been subbed ever since.
You must not be looking hard enough. I've been here since beta, same account. Obviously not always the same character, but a few of mine go back to Burning Crusade, a few others Wrath. I've basically stopped creating new characters since then.

My original Gnome Mage is still there, 60 and all. I rolled Tauren Druid just before Burning Crusade. I have a Blood Elf Paladin that has been around since Burning Crusade as well.

We're still here. We take breaks, but I have no plans on abandoning the game completely. Also, I don't know if others experience this, but anytime I contact Blizzard support they thank me for how long I've been playing.
Had a 10 min play on a friends account in 05 but didnt get my own account till mid bc. But still technically played vanilla
Mid to late 2005, Sargent Warwulf formally a Dwarf named Troggdor.

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