Druid race you play

My main is this tauren druid. She started out as Ally-Night Elf, but I transferred her to Horde in 2009 when I got sick of the clean Alliance and wanted to go to the dark side.

I love her because she reminds me of my favorite irl dog that we had to put to sleep last year due to old age and pains.

My least fave thing about her is...she often has trouble navigating narrow doorways!

If I had to change her based on looks alone, I'd return to Night Elf, because they are pretty to look at.
Trolls rule
Made this guy in BC because I had a friend on alliance and it was the only druid race for ally back then. This was my first ever toon and I didn't know what the heck I was doing.. but here I am years later... still nelf lol.

I think i'm going to boost a tauren druid though, kinda always wanted one of them too.. I was going to do a highmountain but I hate that in boomkin form they are identical to reg taurens.. meaning their antlers turn into reg horns... seems stupid to me. Plus I don't care for how the highmountain taurens when playing one I feel like I have a satellite dish on my head... looks huge from the rear lol.
I have played as every druid race that is currently possible. I love worgens, but shadowmeld is one of the greatest racials in game.
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As the topic says, what druid race do you play (and why), is it lore? The forms? Min Max?

I prefer Night Elf for mine simply because I liked the lore and also WC3 Druids.

I play a night-elf because there's a lack of options until BFA comes out. If I like druids in the new expansion, I'll most likely faction change. The Horde druid races are better. I don't like the Worgen models and I'm sick of the Night-elves. There are just too many elves now! I may just race change to the fat human (I can't remember the spelling for that race) if I end up liking the model... waiting to see what I think of it before I make my decision.
Night Elf.

Shadowmeld for so many reasons. when I'm feeling lazy and I'm questing in bear, I'll just travelform through mobs I don't care about and when I get to where I'm going, pop shadowmeld and back to bear so I can drop all the mobs.

Shadowmeld to Break combat to instant flight form. Or to prowl.

Shadowmeld is as close to a vanish as a druid will get.

Did I mention Shadowmeld?
Well, I haven't changed this guy to Troll, even though I tried starting up a second Troll. I just love this big lug too much. I won't be changing him to Highmountain, either. These guys remind me too much of American Tribes, and I grew up and live in the desert Southwest.

Worgen is my second favorite, but it has to be female if they are going Rejuv/Balance. The flapping arms of the male Worgen disgust me.

The new Kul Tiras human and Zandalari, though... I love their forms, so Greybear may end up focusing more on Intellect or I may end up having two Feral Guardians on my Horde server.
Worgen druids just seemed oddly interesting in the big picture.
Once titan-forged vrykul turned human through the curse of flesh (essentially touch of an old god). Twice-cursed with the Form of the Pack.

Just seemed fitting to play a race that had an innate human/animal shift as I play lots of feral.

This guy here, named after the 1st Tauren Druid Xarantaur(found in Northrend Storm Peaks)
I've always had a night elf druid but I love tauren druids as well. I enjoy shadow meld but sorta want some more usefulness PVE wise not just QoL, buttttt shadowmeld being shadowmeld.. hmm..

I'll probably go kul'tiran after I try them out a bit and see how they feel. I like their forms and I want to have 2 bear forms. Also, that Heritage armor trenchcoat is really nice.
the only wey is da troll wey

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