The Highlord's Return Damage Bug?

Bug Report
Quest Name: The Highlord's Return

Issue: I have begun this encounter over twenty times. I keep running into the same issue. At seemingly random times, my character will go from full health or near-full health (just over 11.6 million health) to zero and die in under a second. I go back over the combat logs and see that I am taking pratically no damage in that time frame (approximately 300k to 600k damage).
I understand that the Mage Tower quest is supposed to be challenging, but this is starting to look impossible. So I have two big questions:

1) Why is a tank with 11.6 million health dying to an obviously insufficient amount of damage?

2) If this is some kind of bug, is it going to be fixed in time for the cutoff date so I can get back in there and try for that super-awesome grizzlemaw skin for my druid?
How many stacks of the debuff did you have? Each one reduces your maximum health, so at enough stacks, 300k would be enough to kill you from full health.
it's not a bug you just need to learn the mechanics mate. each stack reduces your hp by it doesnt matter how much hp you have, if you stand around in the aura long enough, you will die. You probably had 10 stacks which means you get reduced to 1hp and will die from any hit.

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