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My current healer is my 975 resto druid that I plan on keeping in my current guild. However, with the end of expansion approaching, a lot of different aspects of wow are becoming dull and I'd like to keep my interests high by playing different healers in mythic raiding, to feel out what I might want to main in BFA. Obviously I know a lot of changes are going to happen by the time prepatch is released, but I still enjoy playing more than one class in mythic raiding.

My available characters are a 960 Resto shaman and 960 Disc priest. As I make this post, I am still in the process of running my weekly heroic antorus and 15s on them to gear up. Contact me about the status of these toons.

My available raid times will be Sat / Sun / Mon / Tues / Weds until 5 P.M. Pacific standard time. My main raid starts at 6:00 P.M, so I can compromise somewhat.

My current Druid's logs https://www.warcraftlogs.com/character/us/the-venture-co/nekarii#

Please keep in mind that I have been playing most healers throughout expansions and my skillset is not primarily limited at druid. I thoroughly enjoy playing disc and resto shaman and have been itching to get them into a mythic raid setting.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at my battletag, Mailman#1210


EDIT: Please do not think that you have to be 9/11M to inquire!
Hi there, <Air>is a longstanding(established 2013) top 9/11M 7/9M 10/10M 7/7M daytime/morning raiding guild located on the large Alliance server Sargeras. Currently we seek reliable and skilled individuals to help us pursue our Mythic Antorus Progression. Below is a brief summary of our culture, structure, and requirements.

We offer a fun and stable environment and push progression in a reasonable manner in a fun and lively atmosphere.

We raid Weds, Thurs, and Friday 10am-1pmCST. Attendance is the NUMBER ONE thing we look for in applicants so please make sure you can make our times.-

We use a loot council system that emphasizes fair loot distribution to the best benefit of the raid and guild at large

Also we have a large, active, and skilled mythic plus community that enjoys pushing keys to their boundaries.

Additionally, qualified applicants should be appriopriately geared, gemmed/enchanted, and well versed in the content we are tackling in addition to having adequate logs.
*We currently need:*
-Non Priest Healer
-Blood Capable DK for Aggramar
-Any strong and exceptional players

*Addons we require*
-Exorsus Raid Tools
-RC Loot Council
-Weak Auras

*Please contact me at Berl#11782 if you are interested or apply at https://air.enjin.com/recruitment

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