Battle for actual cities or zones

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With the new zone scaling in place leveling is no longer dependant on going through specific zones.

So why not add things like contesting for control of specific zones. For example allow max level players to battle for control of areas like, Arathi highlands "the actual zone not the battleground"

Or areas on other continents like northrend, Mists of Panderia.

I haven't seen much info on BFA but world PvP desperately needs to make a comeback.
Not ganking or corpse camping actual battles that hold actual outcomes. I'd even go as far as having instances where the opposite faction can attack a city and temporarily control it. Use siege engines, catapults, battering rams, toxic barrels glaive throwers.

They did the right thing giving people the choice to switch to PvP and PvE at will. Now give the PvPers a better reason to switch.
Bring world PvP back not this battleground stuff. Azeroth should be the only battleground we need.

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