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Zandalari Druid forms highlight the distinction between different races of the same class. In the future can we expect more distinction elsewhere like the different Paladin orders in the form of a special questline or glyph?
Why does defensive stance continue to be a talent and not moved back to baseline? It feels like a dead talent row in pvp.
Are there any plans to add Allied Races to the Stay Classy guild meta achievement? Or any other changes planned to the achievement?
Since Worgen/Goblin models are being reworked, can worgen have tail options (like female pandaren)?
After allied races, will other classic races get more customization options down the road?
Any plans to update weapon xmog restrictions for fist weapons specifically? Or at least a special exception to use the monk artifact weapon xmog over swords/maces/axes?

How will the PvP (prestige level) artifact skin be acquired in BfA?
Will we be seeing Legacy Loot Mode before the launch of BfA? It would seem like the perfect thing to offer during our wait for the new expansion.
Where is Wrathion? Will we ever get to know why he wasn't around during Legion, since he was the one who wanted us to be prepared for the Legion's invasion?
Will race/class combos continue to expand with time? No leather Lightforged (Jed'in monks?) and no cloth highmountain feels bad. Would also love that Highmountain heritage set on a sunwalker. An'she guide us.
Can we please get playable High Elves or Forest Trolls on the Alliance? Please and thank you!
A lot of players (hunters come to mind specifically) are not happy with the way class design is heading. A lot of people feel that classes shouldn't be designed around an equipped item for their kits to be complete, and they also do not feel rewarded by endless grinding of systems like Artifact Power because there is almost no sense of completion.

Are there any plans to perhaps take a look at passed expansions class design and take the good from that and apply to the current dev teams goal? Or possibly any plans to make use of the many good posts of feedback on the class development forums?
Any update on the Worgen model updates for BfA, maybe?
Since the announcement of allied races, fan speculation has been booming. Do you monitor fan feedback on this topic, and if so, has it had any influence on current or future plans for new allied races?
Can we get a more detailed look into warfronts and how they will play out? Will it be more similar to a battleground with no clear winner or will it influence changes in the world depending on which faction wins it (like Tol Barad and Wintergrasp)?
How many raids are you planning to launch in the first tier of BFA?
During the Alliance questline in Stonetalon, the Alliance convinces the Grimtotem Tauren to help them fight off the Horde. Any chance we’ll see Magatha’s faction of the Grimtotem Tauren join the Alliance as an Allied Race?
With the Zandalari Prelates in the alpha, will we be able to play as Zandalari Paladins?
I asked about platekinis at the Blizzcon art panel last year, suggesting Trial of Style as a place to add them in. We also have some very skimpy armor on the new blood troll npcs in BfA. When will characters of both genders see some new skimpy sets?
Will players be warned ahead of time about limited-time cosmetic content for the duration of BFA?
While plenty of heads-up was given for limited-time cosmetic rewards in Legion, it has been very stressful and dominated my gameplay experience for the duration of this expansion.
Are we going to get freedom of choice back for weapons? I want to use 2-hander on my Frost DK. I want to dual-wield on a Survival Hunter. You eliminated choice because of artifact weapons, but artifact weapons are going away.

Currently on the alpha, there are no 2 handers for Holy Paladins to use, meaning transmoging to the Silver Hand won't even be possible. Is that an oversight?

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