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So since Horde are discovering and befriending a native island race, is it safe to assume that Alliance will be doing the same with Kul’Tirans? Fat humans would be a welcome addition!
when are the orc getting the new upright posture ?
This is my finally question what will it take to let the pure ariokoa from alternate dreanor as an allied race?
My main question as far as Allied Races go would be, will there be neutral ones to follow down the line ? And will there ever be double agent Race / Class types that go into both Faction Capitol's ? & or BG's ? Because we seen in quest line's & so forth on both sides. there are NPC's that can do that but no real player option.
With the upcoming boom in player race options and speculation that many other races are potential ally candidates, will we see the price of race changes drop, even if only for allied races? Or could we see ways to obtain race change vouchers that don't cost real money?
Are you going to:
1) Fix Heirloom stats so they are worth the investment again?
2) Give us two different LFDs for people who don't want to play WoW: The Dark Souls Edition?
3) Give veteran players more options for quickly leveling through old content that they've already finished multiple times?

OR Alternatively:
Are you going to drop the price of level boosts and race changes?

Thank you,
With so many new Allied race options will we see a increase in the amount of characters we can have per server? As someone who already has most of every class at max level on my server, I don't want to have to reroll to a new server to make the allied races for the armor sets.
Will more azerite gear slots be added over the course of the expansion? Will azerite gear provide any actives or will they only be passive effects?
With the 4 extra allies plus 2 more when new expansion comes out, we are going to need a lot more Character slots, I hope you are going to add some, is that going to happen?
Can we expect the same level of detail going into Druid forms for Zandalari and Kul'Tirans with other classes and their animations?
Currently PvP is pretty dead, not only for Arena based players and or RBGS but also for just doing random bgs. People that pvp have to raid atm in order to get decent gear and in World pvp people that raid simply roll their keyboards and basically 2 shot anything. Is there a chance you will change and balance gear/ilvl so that world pvp will become a thing again? Resilience was a pretty reliable form of staying alive for a main pvp player. Also after a year off I noticed that pvp gear isn't really a thing at all anymore (sad, literally broke the pvp environment that was preset). When can we expect pvp vendors to come back again with Reliable Gear for players in the 1800-2.4k brackets? Players that are committed to getting better at the game on a pvp base want that to be re-implemented. We don't need something like ashran or a Place where hundreds of ppl dominate the pvp section made in the new expansion. We want real world pvp, pvp vendors, reliable pvp gear that isn't just based off RNG(boxes) and cosmetics. Tier 2 weapons/armor need a reappearance (I don't mean just cosmetic). The game is broken in its current state and its so repetitious its boring. PVP gear and even raiding gear look the same as previous seasons and tbh I think it looks so cheesy. What are the expectations for PVP this upcoming exspansion?
03/14/2018 06:10 PMPosted by Shadescythe
Are the areas that got jacked up by the cataclysm ever going to be cleaned up? It's been over seven years, and i feel like the NPC's should have put out the fires and mowed the lawn by now. Just sayin'.

WoTLK's alliance starting hub in borean tundra still hasn't finished building that house yet.
Can we expect to see an increase in total character slots instead of just server character slots? This would be an OK paid service.
03/12/2018 10:45 AMPosted by Kaaria
Open beta target date estimate?
There is no such in as an open beta. It's only closed beta.
Will you ever address players complaints about leveling now being too slow?
Can you please put an end to the data-mining? Surprise us with your story telling once again
Will there ever be an option for us who rolled on a PvP server long ago who has all the classes, professions and guild at max levels be able to move from a low population PvP server to a PvE server without spending a fortune?
Another one:

What exactly does it mean to be an Allied Race? Is it simply that they don't have their own unique skeletons or is it that they require unlocking or what? Does the addition and proliferation of Allied Races (it seems we'll be up to 8 in the foreseeable future) imply that we won't be getting any more traditional races similar to those added in BC, Cata, and MoP?

03/15/2018 08:44 AMPosted by Sharp
Will there ever be an option for us who rolled on a PvP server long ago who has all the classes, professions and guild at max levels be able to move from a low population PvP server to a PvE server without spending a fortune?

PVP servers are going away in BfA. Instead, you'll be able to toggle between PVE and PVP in a capital city. Toggling for PVP will place you on a PVP-enabled shard akin to a PVP server. Toggling it off will put you on a shard like a normal server.
Will battle pets finally go to epic or lvl 30? And can we get a a way to have our full team out at the same time?
03/14/2018 08:06 PMPosted by Seraphnite
Now that the zones scale with level will flight-points become unlockable account-wide? Would this possibly be tied into the heirloom system as an optional purchase?

There's a heirloom toy you can buy that'll unlock a flight path in both EK and Kal

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