Looking for a Friendly & Social Guild.

Hello! My name is Aegislash and I live on a very low pop Server. I really wish I had a more active community to play alongside with and it's about time I consider moving to a more populated one!

I'm primarily looking to make friends and hang out in a decently active Discord/Forum that I can be social in when I'm at work and stuff. But, if your Guild is not as active as you'd like it to be then I can offer a lot of social and warcraft-y energy to help the community grow into the home I am looking for!

Oh, and it's not a problem for me if your Guild is still struggling in normal raids or whatever, I just like to tag along and do stuff! However, I can keep up with cutting edge content as well. I am always on time and prepared with a super good attitude to boot!


Strengths: Being polite and drama-free is certainly up there, but probably the thing I'm best at is including new members into the social atmosphere and doing a super good job of making everyone feel welcome. I always end up making a few friends but am often still excluded from the "super tight knit core group" so I do everything in my power to make sure that doesn't happen to others.

Weaknesses: Being super long-winded and typing up far too lengthy forum posts and constantly wanting to share pictures of my Transmog and UI with everyone. Oh, and various cat pictures. Usually animated, pretty much a fresh one every morning & holiday.

Thanks a bunch!
Hello Aegislash,

I'd welcome an opportunity to talk with you about joining our guild. We recently moved to Stormrage and are currently looking for active players that want to be part of creating a successful and enjoyable guild going into BFA.

We are going to continue raiding Heroic Antorus 2 nights a week (Tue/Thu 10p-1a EST) and we run mythic+ keys on the non-raid nights. Currently the raid team has 2 guild tanks and 3 healers along with 2 dps (1 Ranged and 1 Melee). All are experienced raiders.

Here is the link to our guild recruitment page: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20761957498

If after viewing all the info there you'd like to speak further, please don't hesitate to contact me on BNet @ Karlmic#1834.

Thanks - Karl
Wait a second, are you Zhaji? Weren't you in AMAF on proudmoore? I thought you went to Emerald Dream!

Small world.

My guild is 11/11 heroic and we're recruiting to start mythic and in preparation for BFA. Our raid times are 9:30pm est to 12:30am est and we raid tuesday and thursday. If you're starting fresh we can help you get geared pretty quickly with mythic+ and normals. You'll need around 915 to do normal and 935-ish for heroic, but that isn't too hard.

I remember how awesomely optimistic, friendly and helpful you were in Tomb of Sargeras and all the fun guild events you went too. Even if my guild isn't the kind you're looking for, I will definitely vouch for you as a great addition to any guild.


lol hi! What was your name in AMAF? It is so cool to see someone again from there! :D

I totally did go to Emerald Dream but it's not really my cup of tea after all. Spent most of my time on Aegislash doing Death Knight stuff!

This late in the xpac I'm definitely looking to start fresh and make some friends as we go into BFA. I'm not super sure that a Mythic Raiding Guild is the right enviroment for me, though. I'm still super psyched to run into someone from AMAF and if I end up somewhere more casual I'd still love to hang out with you here on Stormrage. ^_^
I was Astro, the guy that lvled too many female dwarves because I couldn't find a class to play. I came to stormrage as well because of the larger population of raiding guilds.

You can add me Crafty#1886.
I was totally just about to say I know who you are! I was thinking, hmm... female dwarf... healer... mythic raiding guild... you must be Astro; the worlds fastest leveler! Like, ominously fast. Weirdly fast. I think you were cheating. *report*

Great to see you again, thank you for vouching for me! I really appreciate it. (:
Not a problem. There are a ton of guilds on stormrage. Morning guilds, weekend guilds, guilds of any flavor really. If you need any help, feel free to ask!
You should check us out! https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20761957336

We have a great group of people that enjoy M+, BGs, achvs, very active socially in Discord, chatting in Discord, leveling alts together and really just having fun!

We push keys from +2-21 each week with several groups always running!

Hit us up any time with questions!

Alleykatabra / Aequitãs – MoBacon#11957 / Discord - @AlleyKat#0036
<The Parable> is a new guild to Stormrage transferred from Thrall Horde. We are looking to build a semi-hardcore roster for BFA mainly with a more casual Herioc clearing approach to Antorus until then. We will raid Fri/Sat 8-11pm server and will use RCLoot council with a mix of officer and raiders that will rotate each week to keep it fair. We have discord, guild repairs, etc.

Roles Needed: ALL

Btag: Bloodlust#12441
Hello Aegislash,

<Thee Fluffy Bunnies> is recruiting to spread (giggity) your horizon and our guild progression team. We are looking for active, solid dps, any class is welcome atm. We have a good core team and lookin to maximize our success 8:30/11:30pm serv. Fr/Sat. 3/11H. If interested hit me up

Btag: Biggjax#11657
Hello Aegislash,

<Thee Fluffy Bunnies> is recruiting to spread (giggity) your horizon and our guild progression team. We are looking for active, solid dps, any class is welcome atm. We have a good core team and lookin to maximize our success 8:30/11:30pm serv. Fr/Sat. 3/11H. If interested hit me up

Btag: Biggjax#11657
Aegislash! I want to see all your mogs! After reading your post, I've decided you must join us! lol That's not creepy at all....lol

Anyhoo--we're shifting our direction as the expansion winds down, but there's still a ton of stuff to do!

Our tier goals are complete! We will be concluding our raid schedule Mid May as we wind down for the end of the expansion. We came to this decision as a team--like we do with all things pertaining to the team/guild. This will give our “completionist” members time to work on personal goals and tidying up things before BFA releases, as well as a much needed break for some.

We will still continue our weekly guild events, ie. current/old raids, achievements, mount/mog runs, and guild pvp. The goal is to keep this up through BFA when our focus will shift back to progression raiding while still maintaining optional events for our members.

Additionally, we’re looking for active/social people to add to our already fun atmosphere and keep us company in guild and Discord. Adult humor is a plus! Want to level up Horde allied races? We’ve got a guild on Zul’jin for that too! Want to get established in a stable, long-standing guild that has awesome members and hardworking leadership? Then feel free to message us! *All your alts are welcome too!

For more info on us, you can see view our recruitment thread: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20759272331?page=1

1. Contact a leader in-game:
GM: Valgasm (or Vallatio) Valgasm#1544 DM @Valgasm_ on Twitter

2. Connect with us on Discord https://discord.banishedgaming.com (Be sure to let someone know you're there!)
Message us on Discord!
Val: VAL#8164
<Dualities> [A] Stormrage. 11/11H This is a reply to your discord message on 4/2/2018. Zodi, we would love for you to join Dualities. Your strengths match those of our Guild Master. He is a Croatian Therapist and believes in teaching different learning methods so other people have the ability to raid the way they like. We'll accept anyone who is willing to learn. To me, you look like a normal leader. Guilds with only one leader usually fall apart as they just start. I have been in a few like that. However, some make it with too much pressure and "It's a game with the same destination" but we take it slow and just enjoy the journey.

You can add me on Bnet: Petsy#1502

My main character is: https://raider.io/characters/us/stormrage/Petsy

Also my logs: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/character/us/stormrage/petsy

Again, we are just casual/friendly and we hope to see some more active players take part in what we do. Most of us are just cruising by until BFA but as soon as BFA is released, most of us will be playing every day.
Team Silver Hand would love for you to join. You will love Arunas/Temporalis and the other guildies that hang out in our discord. Also, sorry for the late reply, I work from noon until evening most days =/. If I'm not online, you can whisper Temporalis-Stormrage or Arunas-Stormrage. If none of them are available. Whisper, Naughtybear-Stormrage. If you need more references before you server change, I have a lot of guildies that can confirm that we helped them get their AoTC and Keystone Master Achievements and some that were just LFR heroes became exceptional raiders in little over 2-3 months.

Team Silver Hand does not raid Mythic however as the progression has led to drama in the past and we do not encourage such behavior. We do love team work but sometimes if things get messy, stay calm and drink tea. :)
You joined and then left for no reason. That's not going to go well here...
04/03/2018 07:02 AMPosted by Petsy
You joined and then left for no reason. That's not going to go well here...

I didn't leave for no reason, of course their was a reason and that was simply discovering shortly after joining that it's not the right place for me.

I want to invest a lot of time and energy into my new home while making lasting friendships and I don't believe I can accomplish that in Dualities.

I think it's super cool how you carry people through things and help others out so much. That's really selfless of you guys but I'm not interested in that specific environment and felt I would struggle to be happy there with how chatty and social of a person I am.

That's all, no offense meant and it was nice to meet you and I appreciate the offer. ^_^
Howdy Zhaji/Aegis,

You sound fun and honestly I would love someone who posts more in our discord. We get a few dozen posts a week during business hours and generally have 6-10 people online chatting in the evenings, but more content would be awesome.

Feel free to reach out on BNET (Voden#1335) or you can catch me on Discord (voden#0790). We like to have people listen in on our raids before joining so they know they can get a feel for our community. Hit me up if you would like to do that. We will be doing Normal tomorrow if you would like to join in and see what we are about.

Guild Specs:
AOTC target Casual Raiding
9-midnight est (server)
11/11H, AOTC every tier this expansion, looking forward to BFA!

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