Roll the bones

I wanted to ask all the rogues out there on their opinion on the ability roll the bones.

Adding to that I wanted to ask if titanforging is in any way similar to the rng aspect of roll the bones.
Hate it
I don’t hate it or like it. With the loaded dice trait it’s basically just SND with a different flavor, you still hit it once and carry on. If you asked this question a year ago before we got loaded dice it was terrible.
I've enjoyed it through it all. The original itteration was annoying to start on but once you learned how to play the buffs it was fine. Now it's pretty simple, take 2 re-roll for 2, repeat. I just adds more flavor and options to an otherwise boring rotation.
Fun in theory. Very poor in practice to tie a classes performance to something that varies so drastically.
In pvp tb is needed for every go. So its pretty annoying when i can't create pressure because of rng.
02/18/2018 05:38 PMPosted by Shadøwvanish
In pvp tb is needed for every go. So its pretty annoying when i can't create pressure because of rng.

Good point. +1 You are a valued member of the PVP community.
I don't like what it means for my character in general a.k.a the "class fantasy".

If you're a hero of the Horde/Alliance, relying on dumb luck is such a stupid mechanic. It's like my character forgets to be more opportunistic, forgets how to chain combos, etc2x based on a lucky dice roll.

With regards to the theme, everybody plays dice not just pirates. Feels like something they ripped from Pirates of the Caribbean and not an actual pirate fantasy. Pirates raid things and pillage and RtB doesn't feel much of pillaging and raiding.

On gameplay side, it's quite okay. Hated the pre-7.2 iteration. I especially like Roger+Broadsides combo when I get it. Funny thing is though, as an SnD with T21 4 piece I actually find it more exciting than RtB. When you get broadsides for example, it's really cool to see and feels empowering.
It's far better than boring static buff aka snd, however TB is still a strong buff so with restless blade getting buff to 1s telling me that they might be removing or reworking TB for BfA.
SND is way better than RTB.

RTB without Loaded Dice is going to prove to be a dead end in BFA.
Just started playing my Outlaw again. Don't know if I'm just super rusty and my rotation is off, but I feel like I'm hitting with noodles when I PvP. PvE I feel fine. I'm not putting up decent, sustained dmg in all.
02/19/2018 12:13 PMPosted by Imwet
I'm not putting up decent, sustained dmg in all.

You won't. Outlaw doesn't excel in PvP. There are people that have done it, a few EU players, but it's far and inbetween. It plays as a support more than a carry. So don't expect big damage, especially outside of your burst. You're there more to assist your teammates via peel and THIER burst.

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