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Greetings virtual travellers!

I have created a new guild and am seeking anyone and everyone to recruit. Anyone can join, whether you be new, a veteran, or just want to chill and chat, anyone is welcome. Although I ask everyone to be respectful of each other as we all walk from different paths of life. I don't tolerate disrespect and verbal violence. Anyway, I have extensive leadership experience as I have led a successful guild before and have been officer in a couple other guilds. My first guild was a pvp guild. I want to promote equality and respect more so than anything else. If we are stuck on a boss and squabbling over each other's performance we won't get anywhere. Respect is important if we are to allow the weak to grow and be a part of the strong. No one shall be left behind or ignored. Any drama you have or beef you may have with others you tell me immediately and we will deal with it. At the moment I have five total members and am looking for a lot more. You can be 14 years old or 55 years old it doesn't matter to me. Anyone is welcome.

When it comes down to it I will form a raid team and we will begin raiding the current content. Eventually we will work on a mythic team for the mature players as well, but for select people. Mythic Raiders must have 100% attendance, must have attended at least 5 raids full runs, and must be truthful and hold no resentments towards other guild members. We will also do M+15+ groups, pvp, dungeons, arenas, and other stuff within the game.

If for any reason you cannot be respectful and continue to disrespect guild members you will not last in this guild and shall be forcibly removed.

Raid times are subject to change but currently I plan to have raids on tuesday, wednesday, thursday at 7pm est.

So contact me in game or add me on bnet: Nth#1651
ask me any question anytime regarding the guild, progression, ideas, suggestions, or problems you have, or other in-game related inquiries, or if you'd like a ginvite.

Best of luck and have fun out there!!!

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