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I'm currently 11/11N 11/11H 1/11M (Felhounds at 18% wipes). My work schedule changed and I can no longer raid with my team and guild. I am able to raid on Friday and Saturday nights, anytime. I am also will to faction/server for the right group. If you are interested hit me up on Btag GEARED#1427 or Discord GEARED#2548. I do always have my phone so i can get discord all day/night.
Hey! I think we might be the perfect fit for ya depending on how much you wanted to scale back! We're a tight knit group that does a lot of mythic+, raiding and currently clear heroic weekly with ease, looking for a tank. Just waiting to recruit enough and gear enough for mythic 20 man raids! We only raid 1 day a week but our motto is essentially keep toxicity away and progress on! Goal is to clear cutting edge each tier while staying fun and realizing we've all got a lot of real life obligations.

We're sitting at 18 solid core raiders and plan is to use the remainder of the month to farm heroic while getting the team dynamics down! Check us out :)



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