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Hey, im a 6/11M Druid/Warrior, looking for a mythic guild that is atleast same progression(Prefer further) then my own!

Druid- 967ilvl Bear / 965ilvl Boomkin (Almost all BiS legos for Balance except 1 missing, bear has good ones)
Warrior- 963ilvl Fury / 964 Prot (BiS legos for all 3 specs and i can play all 3 of them)

Currently looking for a guild where i can hang out with people, relax, raid and progress. I have just stepped down from my raidleader position in the 6/11M guild i started my team on. Too many things going on to put time into something like that, so unfortunately im looking to move on elsewhere.
I have logs for both of the toons, however they are not the best, i know and understand that. Being raid leader to a group of very unique group of people to say the least made it difficult to give myself any time to focus on my performance and parse as a player. So i did sacrifice that in order to keep a more stable raid where everyone actually did mechanics and moves outta crap.
I can do either tank or dps i do not care. I have done both with all 6 first bosses.
- Raids between 8:30pm EST- 12pm EST from Mon-Thurs ONLY time frame and days i can make.
-Must be a fairly enjoyable environment that is alright with jokes.
-Must be progression minded, i would like to try to go as far as i can.
-Be active, i dont want to be in a guild where only people log in to raid.
-Will give me a fair shot just like any other even if logs are not the best.

Drop your spam below, i will add you on bnet myself and we can talk in Discord, preferably, about my interests and your offers. Thank you for reading this and make sure you post!
<Raiders of the Lost Bud> 5/11M with pulls on Imonar could offer you a core spot as a boomy / off spec tank. We are currently on Thrall US (horde) and raid Tuesday and Thursday from 9:30pm-12:30 est. I know being a raid lead myself parses are hard to focus on when your leading everyone, so lower parses is totally understandable. My Btag is Whosdisguy#11986 and my discord is Whosdisguy#4212 if you are interested and want to talk more =]
Luminous Is 8/11M answer we are looking for some great ranged players. We are currently progressing on mythic coven and wanting to continue pushing! Our raid days are Monday/Tuesday/Thursday 9pm-12 Est. we normally start to form around 8:30. We are on US Bleeding Hollow. Munich btag is Ambar#1744. I I won't be home till 7 est. feel free to message me here. if you like wiping killing bosses and memes we are for you!
Looks like times and days work well, hope to hear from you if your open to alliance!

<<Freelance>> Proudmoore is Looking For More!!! Seeking reliable and capable, active players.

High Priority for a:


Actively seeking a:
Enhancement Shaman
Affliction/Demo Lock

and/or any other exceptional players seeking a stable home.

Our goal is to push cutting edge each tier and enjoy playing with people who learn quickly. We’re looking for players who understand and anticipate mechanics while maximizing their classes output and are also fun loving! We're always on the lookout for people who enjoy not only content but company.

Too Long- Would Not Read :P
-Raid Days: Mon/Tues/Weds 5:30-8:30 pST, Optional Thursday Night Events
-Contact: Solidflash#1444(Star), Compy#11349 (Compy)
or any of our other raid members
-Server: US-Proudmoore
-Progression: 9/11M, week 1 AOTC [7/7M EN, 3/3M ToV, 10/10 M NH, 8/9 M ToS]
-Loot: RC LootCouncil
-VoIP: Discord
-Logs: Guild logs are public on warcraftlogs.com
Are you looking for a well established adult raiding guild filled with skilled players who enjoy playing WoW at a high level with high caliber people? If so, <Freelance> may be the home for you!
<Crom> is looking for a Fury warrior (could find room for a Boomkin too)! We've 6/11M with Kin'garoth at 20%. We raid Tues/Weds from 9-11:30pm EST. We're not die hard mythic raiders and enjoy a relaxed raid atmosphere while remaining focused on raiding. As a 2 night/5 hour raiding guild, it's important that we make the most of our time killing bosses.

Hanul#1985 if you'd like to talk more!
No Alli guilds please

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