Any Tips for 7.3.5 Leveling? (Horde Sided)

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TLDR; I bought legion, boosted a rogue, didn't like it that much, and am now making a Orc Warrior.

Does anyone have a leveling guide on what zones to quest in or when to do certain dungeons? I would greatly appreciate it. I don't mind the grind, but if I had a layout of where the optimum places to quest, I would be happier knowing i'm being efficient.

I am a fairly new player, so any help would be appreciated!
You don’t need a leveling guide. If you look at the map, it will tell you the level range for a particular zone. With the 7.3.5 changes, the map will show a yellow exclamation mark somewhere on the map indicating where you can get started in the zone. Have fun!
You pretty much can quest wherever you like within your level range. However, if you're adamant about doing some of the more "efficient" zones then from my experience I would recommend:

-Silverpine Forest
-Hillsbrad Foothills
-Stonetalon Mountains
-maybe Ghostlands if you don't mind the slightly BC-esqe quest design

and I would avoid going to Ashenvale (felt like it took forever), The Barrens (boring, kind of slow), or Stranglethorn Vale (also felt like it took me forever).

Also heard from friends that the plaguelands zones were enjoyable.

60-80 will kind of drag on no matter where you go, so I'd just stick to Northrend (Borean Tundra and/or Howling Fjord, then whatever you like) and maybe queueing up for dungeons in between questing to break the monotony.

Once hit 80 things pick up again. I'd recommend doing Jade Forest in Pandaria, but you can't really go wrong with zones in this bracket. (Vash'jir might want to be avoided, but if you've never done it before it could be fun).

Once you hit draenor pick up an addon that tells you where treasures are located and search for those while you do bonus objectives and some quests. Then just grind away until and through legion content.

Good luck!
I know for the Allied races, there are some great signposts to follow. But from 1...

I would stick close to home to start. Those zones right outside the starter ones can get you to 20 pretty fast.

If you want to help along your leveling, get Mining and Herbalism as soon as you can and stop at every node you come across. You can see the nodes on you mini map as you run around.

I feel your pain about boosting and then losing interest.

My last word of advice: Enjoy the ride, there's lots to see and do.
Zones to avoid:

Desolace, Feralas, Ashenvale, Un'goro, and Winterspring in Kalimdor. Stranglethorn and Arathi in Eastern Kingdoms. Anything after Hellfire and Zangarmarsh in Outland. Skip Storm Peaks and Icecrown entirely. Borean Tundra is slower than Howling Fjord.

Krasarang and Valley of the Four Winds are fairly fast and can get you from 82-90 in about a day. You probably wont need to go any further into Pandaria than that.

Buy the 20% XP pot from your Garrison vendor and run around to do all the bonus objectives in every zone once you get to Draenor, then finish Frostfire and go to Spires of Arak. Build the 20% XP Inn at your Outpost and then finish all the Spires of Arak bonus objectives once its done, not before.

In Legion zones, do every Legion Invasion event, no matter how tiresome. You'll get an entire level from each. Do every bonus objective and queue for dungeons in between quests.

If you feel like doing dungeons, immediately drop group from every dungeon whose quests you've already completed. They're a complete waste of time if you dont have the dungeon quests to go with them.
Go to the northern barrens
NO one shares any tricks where activizzard can learn of them.

They don't want any further tricks nerfed to dirt to encourage hours played and buying boosts for $
Thank you to everyone who has put there advice in this thread! All of your advice has been very insightful! Coming from a player who never played vanilla, I can only imagine how much slower leveling was back then.
go for the 10-60 zones since the quests are closer together.
Do not go to Ghostlands, it's so spread out unless you have the heritage mount. The old TBC zones are the oldest zones in the game now and it really shows.

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