JUST PIXELS Heroic Only Raid Team LFM

Team JUST PIXELS in <Currently Online> Heroic Only Team always LFM exceptional and fun raiders to join our weekly heroic clears! That’s right, heroic only…once we clear 11/11H we roll through it weekly getting epic parses, titanforged gear, and joke around/ have fun with the group! When the clears get quicker- we’d love to push some M+ after raids and just enjoy the game.

Heroic only doesn’t mean we are slackers or bad or not capable of doing mythic, we just don’t want to! Mythic raiding isn’t for everyone- and that’s ok! This group wants you :D See the below information and throw a quick app our way to get in touch!

Wednesdays 8-11pm Central (9pm to Midnight Eastern)

11/11H ABT
9/9H ToS

Open to any DPS class/specs

11/11Normal experience +
940+ item level
Boss Mod Addon

Although progression is over for us this tier, we still foster a team environment and would like all our raiders in guild and unsaved for our raid nights!

We also allow 1 additional alt to participate in our weekly raids- meeting requirements that are listed in our discord channel. As a trial you will be expected to be on your app’d toon the first 4 weeks you raid with JP, but after that, we are open to an alt of your choosing, pending Team Lead approval! Hopefully allowing an alt will help keep the instance a bit fresh and fun as we raid through the last 2-3 months of this expansion!
LFM for our weekly heroic clears! and M+ shenanigans
Join in our quick heroic clears and great/active guild!
Hey everyone! Fun, chill, heroic clears every weds! LFM deeps to keep farming phat lootz and awesome parses with us!
MORE DPS! ..prefer ranged but open to most classes!
[ deleted ]
Hiya! LFM who love heroic progression! We have a lot of fun every week and have an even greater guild community!
:) Heroic only progression is the way to go!
Continuing to accept applications to join is this tier and next! Casual schedule, phat lootz!
Are you recruiting for BFA? I only meet your item level requirement on one toon, and haven't done normal ABT because I took a break in anticipation for BFA. I am currently deciding on a main, but your raid schedule and heroic only moto seems like it would be a good fit for me.

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