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Gunna Keep this short(kinda).

Current guild is looking like it might call it quits. Lost quite a few players due to #legion burn out.

I have BiS Leggos for all healers except monk(has velens missing prydaz/cloak/bracers) and hpal(has belt/sephuz for m+).

This is my first tier maining shaman. Previously was raiding on my resto druid until imonar where i swapped to shaman for spirit link. Main swapped ever since.

Shaman Logs:
Pre Transfer: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/character/us/korgath/bluepowerade
Post Transfer: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/character/us/sargeras/bluepowerade
Moar Logs: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/character/us/arthas/bluepowerade#rankingmetric=hps

Still have a lot to learn on shaman. Willing to play any healer class at a high level given time.

Thanks in advance
Hey brother,

My guild <Tinderwolves> Mal'ganis is currently looking for a skilled, reliable healer! If you wanna message me, or hit me up on discord, i can give you some more information if you'd be interested in that!

disc: Swampy#0001
About <Noted>
<Noted> was founded in March 2017 with the goal of creating a guild with a competitive raid environment. We previously raided as an Alliance guild located on the same server but have made the switch to horde to meet our competitive goals. Since transitioning to horde, <Noted> has earned Cutting Edge! for The Nighthold.

The majority of our core has been together since Mists of Pandaria and as such we value the friendships we have made through the years and strive to keep the guild environment friendly while maintaining and promoting a raid setting that is suitable for many of our highly competitive raiders.

Progression Schedule
9 PM - 12 PM (EST)
Tuesday / Wednesday / Sunday (9 Total Hours)

Tier 19 - US 388
Tier 20 - US 379
Tier 21 - 9/11M

Loot System
Loot Council - Awarded based on an individuals value to the raid group (performance/spec/attendance/attitude)

What <Noted> Offers
  • A group of past US top 100 raiders raiding seriously on a strict 9 hour schedule
  • Focus on building friendships in addition to progression
  • Optional alt runs on off days along with M+ groups
  • Member Expectations
  • Members are expected to be available for all scheduled raids
  • Members are expected to be accountable for their mishaps in the raid
  • Communication is essential, as such, voice communication is required
  • Recruitment
    Noted is always recruiting players of exceptional talent in each respective combat role. Exceptions can be made if your spec or class is not listed. However, exceptional talent must be balanced with an exceptional personality. Please click on the link and fill out the form if you think we are a fit for you!





    For additional information or questions regarding the application or the guild please contact one of our officers:

    Buhbles(Recruitment Officer) - bubbles#12637
    Rouk(Guild Master) - Fuhz#1260
    Raine(Healing Officer) - Bill#11940
    Revenge(Raid Leader) - Revenge#1322
    Hey, sorry to hear that CA did not work out, if you're interested in raiding 2 days still, but on Sunday/Monday, let me know: Jason#18938

    Ad Astra on Sargeras
    2 nights (Sunday/Monday)
    830-12am EST
    8/11M ABT
    The Coalition US Lightbringer is a 12 Year old Guild Currently 9/9M 9/11M
    Raid times are Tues/Weds/Thurs 7-10:30 PST. Mon Optional Alt Raid

    Loot will be done via Loot Council based upon performance, attendance, and need.

    Raiders will be provided with flasks, potions, food, augments, vantus runes and guild repairs to help reduce the burden of raiding.

    We are looking for team oriented people who want to have fun but can play at a high level and kill some bosses with us.

    Please put your application on our website - http://thecoalitionlb.enjin.com/

    If you have any questions feel free to add me Xellos #1969, Dorkman #11605, Val #12738
    <Astral> has reformed for Antorus! After having some players take leave for real life opportunities we have positions available! We're a 2 day Mythic progression based guild on Mal’ganis Horde. After clearing 7/7M Emerald Nightmare shortly after launch our team decided to take a break and now we're back! Our core is 4/11M Antorus and includes veteran players with over 10 years of raiding experience. We are looking for dedicated players who enjoy a progression focused environment and do what it takes to be the best they can.

    Raid Times: Tues/Thurs 8pm-11pm CST
    Since we only raid 6 hours a week, high attendance is a must.

    Positive attitude
    90% attendance
    Exceptional knowledge of your class
    Food/Flask/etc and be ready 10 minutes before raid start

    945+ IL
    75+ Artifact Traits
    11/11H Antorus
    Previous mythic experience is a plus!

    All positions currently available!

    Contact us

    Hey there Bluepowerade!

    It seems like you've gotten a bunch of replies so far; I certainly hope you can find yourself a mythic guild! If you'd like to consider Ardent, we are a 5/11M guild on the alliance Sargeras server that raids Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8-11pm EST. We're full of a few old-time and new-time players, so we have a very versatile squad.

    We raid mythic content, but we also do Mythic +s, PvP, Transmog runs, etc. I like to think we have a fun community of people who enjoy doing things together, and I hope that you'll consider giving us a chance. Feel free to add me on B.Net. I'm at Lutz04@1802. Hope to hear from you!

    All the best,

    Hello there! I saw your post and wanted to get in contact with you about raiding with us. I’ll keep this short and sweet. We are <Occasionare> on Sargeras currently 11/11H and 5/11M Antorus wanting to contunue our push into mythic. We need a few more people to add to our roster to have the solid 20 for mythic progression. Our raid times and days are Mon, Tues, and Thurs from 7-10 CST. Here is a link to our recruitment post https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20759228776 and our Discord https://discord.gg/rUG4rHD . Feel free to drop in anytime. If you would like to talk more contact any other the officers listed below.

    Vaelydan - Raid Lead - Vael#1262
    Turniphunter - GM - Hunter#13662
    Mudkiip/Jínora - Officer - blindbandit#1866
    Raukin - Officer - Hiro#13730
    Hopefully our times work for you we are looking for a healer if you’re interested

    ***Despicable [A] on Sargeras [US] - (7/11)M***

    ***Raid Information***
    Tue/Wed/Thur 10pm-1:15am Pacific time (Mythic)
    Friday 10pm-1:15am Pacific time (Heroic farm - social run) ***Guild Info*** Despicable was created almost a year ago(late NH progression) just a bunch of friends wanting to make a serious progression guild purely focused on no nonsense just killing bosses while having fun. This is a mature guild ZERO drama tolerance, we do play other pc/xbox games together besides wow. And lastly for fun we run a ton of high 20+ mythic keys majority of the guild are 3000+ rating on Mythic plus scores, and we love PVP. We run a 25-30man rotating roster so everyone gets mythic xp/kills and we run a two week trial process. Week 1 you're bottom of the loot chain but still get to roll, Week 2 you have a higher chance of loot and Week 3 you're promoted to Raider/Core Raider and fully able to roll.

    Currently 7/11 mythic.

    Although all strong applicants are considered, the following will be prioritized:
    1. Ranged DPS (Warlock, Druid, Mage)
    2. Melee DPS (DemonHunter, Shaman, Warrior)
    3. Healer (Monk, Paladin, Priest)

    contact Adobo#1390 Biggiesmiles (Btag) - Guild Master
    Vandorf#11201 Hophopglide (Btag) - Recruiting officer
    Tafbird2000#1431 Powerhouse (Btag) - Raid Leader
    or apply via http://www.despicableguild.com/#
    hows your pallies gear ? and raiding exp?
    <Doppelganger> on Sargeras is recruiting and we’re interested in talking with you. Here is our information, we will try and contact you to chat but we will leave our contact information here as well.

    Current Progression:

    Our logs:

    Progression Schedule:
    Mon/Wed/Thu 8:30-11:30 PM CST. We add a Tuesday raid the first 2 weeks of a tier to ensure a strong start the first week and the ability to accumulate tier gear without sacrificing much Mythic progression time the second week.

    Performance and maturity are both essential to raiding in Doppelganger. Underperformers and players toxic to our community are handled swiftly.

    Here are some useful links:
    Expectations/ Information thread: http://doppelganger.enjin.com/forum/m/27147649/viewthread/16558754-what-to-expect-from-doppelganger
    Application link:

    For Recruitment Questions Contact:
    GM - Rudamen#1295
    <Trap Run> 9/11M Killing aggramar tonight probably
    7.5 Hour raid week
    9-11:30 EST
    top M+ people on server in guild
    alt mythic raid 4/11M


    immediate openings available
    Happy day after valentines day!
    <Fallen Empire> is competitive raiding guild on Thunderhorn - US. Our core group of players are exceptional at their roles and have years of mythic raiding experience under their belt. We are a dedicated raiding guild that helps our players get the most out of the game and their goals. We foster a mature, fun and relaxed atmosphere but expect all our raiders to be prepared and excited to work on progression content. We value teamwork, communication, and fun!

    Recruiting for all roles and specs - Healers, DPS
    All excellent players will be considered regardless of class

    Current Progression:

    7/11 M ABT

    Raid Times
    Tuesday 8-11 CST
    Wednesday 8-11 CST

    Want to chat with one of our super cool officers? Add one of the following battle tags

    hey Kontoe!

    <M O I S T> previously 5/11M ABT...recently reformed on Area-52.... is looking to recruit skilled players for Mythic progression raiding for Antorus, the Burning Throne as well as prepare for any upcoming raids. We currently use RCLootCouncil to distribute loot and our voice chat is Discord.

    Raid Schedule:
    - Tues: Mythic Farm/Progression 8:00-11:00pm ET
    - Thurs: Mythic Prog 8:00-11:00pm ET

    We also run some other pug raids Weds/Fri/Sat/Sun. Times will vary on off-night raids.

    Our current class/spec needs for Mythic:

    - Tank (all exceptional players will be considered)
    - Healer (Resto Shaman... and all exceptional players will be considered)
    - DPS (WW Monk / Warrior / Enh Shaman preferred and various ranged dps.)

    We are looking to carry a 25-30-man roster for Mythic raiding so we can tailor our progression raid based on the encounter. We will still cycle people in for whichever farm bosses they need for loot.

    When we're not raiding, we do a lot of Mythic+ and old content for mounts/achivements/pvp etc.

    If any questions add me on bnet brruundin#1162
    Pillow Talk 6/11M is looking to expand our core roster. We are a great group of progression inclined individuals and seek to add some like-minded DPS to our Mythic Antorus raid group. We like to have fun and enjoy ourselves however we remain focused on progression.

    Needs: Resto Shaman and Shadow Priest but any exceptional applicant should contact me.

    Raid Times: Friday & Saturday 9PM-12:30AM server time.

    Add/contact Velayn#1455 for inquiries.

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