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(Main Points listed at bottom)

Hello! I am a Windwalker Monk main who is looking for a new raiding guild to go into Battle for Azeroth with since my old one disbanded a few weeks ago. I am currently Alliance on the U.S. Sargeras server, but am willing to do faction/server transfers if necessary.

I had cleared Heroic ToS and Heroic Antorus with my previous guild and was about to start Mythic Antorus progression before internal issues caused the guild to break apart. So, while I am mainly interested in joining a guild that is planning on doing more "casual" Heroic raiding (once to twice a week), I am not opposed to trying out Mythic raiding so long as you are willing to be patient with me while I get used to the new difficulty. I am by no means a bad player (was consistently top 5 DPS in most of our encounters), just lacking in experience since I didn't start raiding until ToS.

I am available ANY night of the week starting at 10 PM Eastern Time (that's 9 PM Central Time, 8 PM Mountain Time, or 7 PM Pacific Time) though I do have a preference for Sundays and Tuesdays. 1 to 2 nights a week is really all I'm looking to commit to right now, and would only join a 3 night raiding guild if said guild was okay with me not making every single night. Again, I am not a "hardcore" player looking to compete for world first rankings or anything; simply looking for a relaxed setting of friends to enjoy raiding with.

As far as the social aspect of raiding goes, I am more than fine with swearing and crude jokes but draw the line at slurs, racism, sexism, etc. Would also appreciate politics being left out of the discussion entirely. I'm here to play WoW, not get into debates. Aside from raiding I am also more than happy to participate in Mythic+ Dungeons, transmog/mount runs, PvP, etc. with the other guildies, and even tank as my Brewmaster if we're ever down a tank and in need. If I sound like a good fit for your guild then please leave me your contact info or reach out to me (Discord below). Thanks!

Main Points
- Availability: 10 PM EST any night (1-2 nights per week, 3 only if attendance is not mandatory)
- Server: currently Sargeras but willing to switch
- Faction: currently Alliance but willing to switch
- Difficulty: Heroic or Mythic (more on the casual side, but still take things seriously)

Discord: Bogadodo#1018
We run 9-midnight EST, but have no objections to folks coming in late. (Often that's me. We're serious about being flexible.) Otherwise, I suspect we'd be a good fit!

Knights of the Flame is a positive and welcoming raiding guild on Greymane/Tanaris. We're a community of folks that like hanging out with our guildmates, encouraging improvement, and downing bosses together.
Raids are Thursday & Friday, 8-11pm CST (6-9pm PST, 9pm-midnight EST). It is a firm end time as folks get tired and have things to do the next morning.

Guild runs typically focus on a N Argus kill and poking some heroic bosses dead (currently 8/11H). We also have an alt Normal run Sunday afternoons for anyone interested.. because we do have a lot of alts.

KotF is a small-ish guild still, but we are fabulously mighty. We'll theorycraft with you, contemplate mount drops, run old raids for transmog, m+ -- ask, and you shall receive. We'll also discuss the various mount pros & cons & appearances. In case you were wondering, Frosty Flying Carpet is way prettier than Flying Carpet.

Other things: Attendance is good, but family and real life are obviously more important; we do like it when you communicate that you can't make it, though. We use Discord for communication. There's no yelling or name-calling when we wipe, just a quick discussion of what went wrong and how we could fix it. "Same thing, less dying!"

Interested? I'd love to chat. Battlenet: Cazenovia#1274 or Discord: Cazenovia#4987
Reformed guild lf all roles for H raiding/Mythic +/Arenas. Vision is to focus on clearing Heroic content each tier with 10-15 ELITE players. The reasoning behind this is because having 20ppl on consistently at the same time is a headache :). The competitive aspect of the guild would be done through mythic+ and arenas. We would like to build a nice community where we can enjoy each others company in a CLOSE-KNIT environment.

Roles open:
-Raid Leader
-HR/Recruitment Officer
-Event Coordinator
-PVP Leader

T/TH 9p-12a Pacific time(12a-3a EST)
Optional Raid night: Mon

Raid Spots available:
-5xDPS(1 swing healer)



Guild Master- Sugarbearjon#1635
Authority- Cambino#11398

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