8/11M 970 feral LFG

Guild Recruitment
I'm in no rush, I like where I'm at right now, the times are just rough for me.


Also down for high mythic plus.

Looking for a guild who is as progressed as I am who raids any days between 7pm-12am EST. Horde or alliance is fine, but would prefer alliance.

I have boomkin gear with all legendaries but the cloak. I'd consider playing boomkin for the right guild, but I am no where near as good at boomkin as I am at feral.

Leave btag or discord and I'll answer any question you may have later.
Simplicite (A) Korgath
10/11M 0% wiles on last phase argus, should kill tonight.
CE every tier US 118 in ToS.
Mon-Tue-Wed 7:30-10:30 est
Non-mandatory heroic clears Thursday.
Sell heroic runs and Guldan mounts that gets split between raiders.
Add me if interested.
<Padlords> on US-Stormrage is looking for core DPS. Check us out on wowprogress and message me on bnet if you want to chat. Gonzo#1399
Sargeras[A] REWIND

Coming back from a break, our goal is to get around 200 US for the next xpac and CE for this tier. Current prog after a week of raiding 11/11N and 11/11H.

Raid time

Tuesday/Wednesday/Friday 7PM to 10PM CST (Need to be online 10 minutes before raid).

Past prog
SoO : 14/14M
HFC : 13/13M
EN : 7/7M
ToV : 2/3M
NH : 9/10M

website : rewindguild.me
Btag: mat#11420

You can apply on the website, and if you have any questions feel free to add me. Our goal is cutting edge on a light schedule and semi-hardcore mentality. We recruit for core spots.
Hey Zeol,

SOMA - Magtheridon [Alliance]

8/11M 11% wipe on Coven (should die tonight)
7/9M (2% wipe on avatar)
9/10M (13% P3 Guldan)

Raid Times

7:30-10:30 EST Tues/Wed
7:30-10:30 EST Thursday (Only every other week)

Battlenet: Kyle#11563
Discord: Claver#5984
Edge of Aggression (Uldaman/Ravencrest) - ALLIANCE - is seeking additional core raiders to fill out remaining slots in our Mythic raid team.
Current raid times are: Tuesday Wednesday Sunday 9-12 EST
We are currently looking for:
DPS: Range Classes (Hunter, Boomy, Mage, Lock)
OR any exceptional players
We are looking for raiders who take the initiative to research fights and mechanics as well as having a thorough understanding of their class. They aim to play consistently well and are able to learn from mistakes or constructive criticism. Edge of Aggression has a lengthy history of members helping others out to maximize our raiding capability. Additionally, we look for a positive attitude towards one another, after all we are all on the same team. Negative comments on a regular basis will not be tolerated.
We consistently run guild M+ to push keys.
EoA members also play a variety of other games such as rocket league, cards against humanity, and civ.
Finally we ask for you to have a working voice communications. We currently use Discord.
If interested, contact Granson#1178

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