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I am looking for a mythic raiding guild for my hunter. Current Tier experience is 4/11M. However prior to NH, I have cleared everything on mythic difficult while it was current going back to Wrath.

Ideal guild will raid 2-3 nights a week and will have the desire/roster/skill to clear each tier while it is current. Do not have a preference on faction, however if you are horde if paid transfer is an option that would be wonderful. Would like to find something that starts at 8cst and ends before 12cst.

If you think you would be a fit, put your info here and I will research/check logs etc and if we seem to be on the same page I will message you.

Reign is recruiting motivated and skilled players to join our core group in order to be able to push Mythic Antorus efficiently and effectively. We are a progression raiding guild that has the goal of not only completing the current and future tiers, but to be able to do it at a competitive rate on condensed 2 day schedule.

We are active outside of designated raid times with several members who like to push M+ keys and have cultivated a guild dynamic that is tight-knit with a friendly atmosphere which has resulted in friendships inside and outside the game.

If you are interested in being a part of a friendly competitive team, please contact one of the officers below and one of us will get in touch with you as soon as we can! I am also available all day on discord (Fiolated#9828).

Guild:<Reign> Thunderlord
Faction: Horde
Raid Times: Tuesday/Wednesday 8:30-11:30CST with an optional Monday
Current Progression: 5/11M 11/11H Antorus
Website: http://www.tastethereignbow.com
    Fiolated(Council/Recruitment): shinks50#1291
    Smiles/Smileage(GM/Raid Lead/Dad): lettuceflow#1132

Needs: Great dps with a penchant for mechanics and a preference towards DK, Rogue, Boomkin, Mage, Ele or Hunter. Also in need of an exceptional Holy Paladin
<Put me in Coach> is a guild composed of raiders who raided with top 20 US guilds in past tiers, but were looking for a semi-hardcore raiding environment. With a 2 night/6 hour raiding schedule we maintain high efficiency during raids but still have a friendly environment. We have an established loot council as our distribution method. We are currently 6/11M and our goal is to end Antorus 11/11M and push for top 100 US in BFA. We are currently looking for all interested members,!

<Raid Times>
Tuesday 9:30pm-12:30am EST
Wednesday 9:30pm-12:30am EST

<Raid Expectancy>
-Knowledge of mechanics before entering raids.
-Personal accountability & mechanical proficiency.
-Minimal random afks, Disconnects, random chatter, etc. (we want to have fun but still be proficient)
-High attendance.

<Officer Expectancy> What you can expect from us:
-Positive leadership
-Flasks, food & repairs provided for each raid
-An active guild outside of raids; M+ high key groups, sale runs, AP farm, legendary farm, Alt runs and more

<Raid Requirements>
We prefer you be 955 ilvl+ with a minimum weapon level of 75 traits

If this sparks any interest please contact me at App#1332 to set up a discord chat

<CatchPhrase> is recruiting for Antorus & BFA. We are a new guild comprised of members from a guild that died a few months back from burn-out. We created this guild and are looking to raid into Antorus as well as continue into BFA.

At this moment we are recruiting all classes to fill our ranks.

We have a website with a mission statement: http://catchphrase.shivtr.com/forums - You can apply on there too.

We are located on Magtheridon within a server cluster which includes Anetheron, Alter of Storms & Ysondre.

Our raid times are Tuesdays & Thursdays 7PM - 11PM Server (EST) & Sundays 2PM - 6PM Server.

You are also more than welcome to contact myself (RoboCat#11165) or Sideways#1204 (our raid leader) to speak further.
Hey! I think we might be the perfect fit for ya! We're a tight knit group that does a lot of mythic+, raiding and currently clear heroic weekly with ease. Just waiting to recruit enough and gear enough for mythic 20 man raids! We only raid 1.5 days a week but our motto is essentially keep toxicity away and progress on! Goal is to clear cutting edge each tier while staying fun and realizing we've all got a lot of real life obligations. The half is an added optional day on Tuesdays to clear farm (normal or heroic depending on where we are on progression). Check us out :)


Good afternoon:

TCC is a relaxed mythic raiding guild aiming to become a CE guild on 6 hours a week of raiding. (We also do a Sunday Funday heroic clear that's optional.) We are curently 4/11M ABT and looking for a few DPS to shore up our roster and help us get where we want to be.

Raid Days/Times: Tuesday/Thursday 6:45pm - 9:45pm pacific
Sundays 6:45pm - 9:45pm pacific are optional heroic raid days except for the first month of a new raid tier when we will use it to push early progression.

We require a 90% attendance commitment to be on our core raid team.

You can check us out here, and apply or contact us through bnet if you'd like more information. (You can apply here: http://bit.ly/tccraid)


Cercie#1790 - GM (bnet) or Cercie#2380 (Discord info)
r3con#4078 - Raid Lead (Discord info)
Skeebo#1358 - (bnet) recruiter
<The Crimson Cross> of Lightbringer is looking for excellent players to finish Legion and start BFA!

7/7M EN CE
3/3M TOV
7/10M NH
5/9M TOS
4/11M ABT

Raid Days/Times:

Tuesday/Thursday 6:45pm - 9:45pm PST

Sundays 6:45pm - 9:45pm PST are optional heroic raid days except for the first month of a new raid tier when we will use it to push early progression.

Currently Recruiting: All exceptional dps, with good attitudes and personality. No tank or heal spots at this time.

Warlock - High
Boomkin - High
Rogue - Very High

All dps are encouraged to apply.

We will always look at exceptional players.

About Us:

The Crimson Cross is a raiding community. We have been together through various games for many years, and we have made our home here with Legion.
Our goals are simple: we want to push into mythic raiding as deep as we can each tier while raiding with people we like and trust. We are aiming to become a Cutting Edge guild.

Outside of raids, we enjoy running M+ dungeons, hunting for achievements, pets and mounts. We also play other games together such as Heroes, Path of Exile, and the occasional DnD campaign. For the past several years, we have gathered in person at least once per year to hang out, drink and play board games. It’s a good time, folks!

What we offer:
A community where you can grow as a player.
A raid team where spots are given based on merit, not favoritism.
A transparent leadership team that encourages members to be involved.
A guild where you will get back as much as you put into it.
A non-raiding member rank for friends and family (over the age of 18) of full guild members.

What we want:
Players with a strong raiding background that are looking for a guild home - not just a place to play the latest raid tier.
Players that are social and enjoy interacting with others outside of raid times.
Players that want to continue to improve and push themselves to play content at the highest level even as their time to play is perhaps less than it once was due to family life, work, etc.

If you have any questions or are interested in more information, please contact:

You can apply here: http://bit.ly/tccraid

Cercie#1790 - GM (bnet) or Cercie#2380 (Discord info)
r3con#4078 - Raid Lead (Discord info)
Skeebo#1358 - (bnet) recruiter
Substance on Mal'ganis. We raid Tues, Wed, Thurs 9-12 EST. We are looking to add a few dps to our roster. If you would like to talk more my bnet is: Nicki#11412.
<Casual Play>

*About Us*

Casual Play is currently located on the Stormrage server with the Alliance faction. We are currently looking for skilled raiders to join us in Mythic Antorus and shoot for a full clear! If you feel like you are up to the challenge, then feel free to give us a shot! For now, we are doing full Heroic clears within one raid day until we get enough members for Mythic.

*Raid Schedule*

We currently raid Saturdays and Sundays from 7:00PM-11:00PM EST/Server.

*What We Need*

1 Tank (prefer Blood Dk or Prot Pally)
1 Healer (prefer Holy Pally)
3 Melee DPS (prefer Arms or Fury Warrior, Ret Pally, Enhance Shaman, and WW Monk)
5 Ranged DPS (Prefer Shadow Priest, Balance Druid, Aff Warlock, MM Hunter and Frost Mage)


-Needs to have discord for communication
-Minimum 950ilvl and AOTC
-Need to link parses
-New members will be doing trial runs for 2 full clears

*Contact Information*

Suppert [Raid Leader] – Casualplaywow@gmail.com or Andross9#2381
Eure [Back Up Contact] - Eurephaessa#1859

If you have any questions, feel free to send us an email or btag message and we hope you have a great rest of your day!


(H) <Solitude> is 5/11 M on Thall looking for a few more exceptional dps to join us in further progression. We raid Tues/Thurs 8cst-11cst.

Our discord is always active both on and off raid nights doing content of all sorts. if this sounds interesting you can contact me at

White#8146 (discord)
Turtle#12473 (BNET)
We are completing a rebuild and need a couple of guys like you to complete our team and get to where our progression belongs. I'd love the opportunity to tell you more about our unique guild and team.

Warning: Generic recruitment BS to follow ...

Are you an excellent raider who is looking for a permanent WoW home with a legit community and an elitist free environment?

<The Risen> (3/11 MABT) is a longstanding US-Norgannon guild (now US-Connected-Kargath) with a stable Officer core. We have skilled and experienced raiders, but now many of our lives now include things such as jobs, spouses, and kids. Early in Legion our Officer core decided to curtail our raiding schedule. Hence, we are now "refocused" to create the very best ("semi-hardcore") 2 day/6 hour (Tues/Thurs 9-12 EST) raiding guild we can. We are on a small server and are still quite competitive with this limited schedule.

We seek mature and dedicated raiders who know how to drink a beer and take a joke. But make no mistake ... we take our raiding very seriously. We are looking for people who understand friendship, dedication, and determination. We will ALWAYS recruit the person and not the spec, but are most in need of RDPS currently. If you are 90%+ parsing DPS but lose it when the nicest guy in the world stands in the fire and wipes us, please do not apply. And, similarly, if you are the nicest guy in the world but keep standing in the fire, please do not apply. We seek competence AND tolerance because progression raiding is a marathon and a grind.

We have been expanding our core raid team throughout Legion since our "refocus" and recently we were finally able to resume Mythic raiding once again. Hence, our progression is behind where we feel we should be. At this point we need a couple key additions to make that happen on a regular basis and to get on course to complete Cutting Edge which is very clearly our goal and expectation. However, we refuse to force a roster expansion just to accomplish this. We have (and will only) grow organically with the right people as we would rather drink beer and farm Heroic than raid Mythic with jerks. Right now we have 17 skilled and committed Mythic team members and fill out Mythic runs with part time and trial raiders. Sometimes we kill Mythic farm with 18 or 19. Needless to say we have legit slots available. We DO NOT over-recruit and ALL team members will be a meaningful part of our progression efforts. There is no "bench" and no "revolving door" on this team.

If interested please contact Dork.

Paid transfers available for outstanding candidates.

BNET: Dork#1522

Discord: Dork#5946
22 hours ago
Horde ~ Mal'Ganis
Raid Team 00: Legends of Chaos

11/11H -- 3/11M Antorus

Raid Times:
Tuesdays 7:00pm to 9:00pm
Wed/Thu 7:00pm to 10:00pm CST (server time)

Currently recruiting (Updated 2/21/18) :

Death Knight - Closed
Demon Hunter - Closed
Druid - Closed
Hunter - Open MM
Mage - Open
Monk - Closed
Paladin - Closed
Priest - OPEN (Shadow)
Rogue - Closed
Shaman - Open (Ele/Resto)
Warlock - Open
Warrior - Closed

All exceptional DPS may apply! MUST have logs to apply!
contact vaixe#1785
Our Alliance guild <Duality> is recruiting dps positions for Antorus and the future Expac. We are a semi-hardcore / casual guild that is farming heroic and progressing in mythic!
*Our current progression*

- 11/11 Heroic AtBT
- 1/11 Mythic AtBt

*Our raid times* : Wednesdays / Thursdays 9PM - 12pm EST. With an Optional Tuesday Alt run for Normal Antorus. Anytime from 11pm EST until we clear it.

*Looting system* : RC loot council.

*Server* : Whisperwind - Alliance heavy sever.

*Voice Chat* : Team Speak 3

*What we're looking for* : Being on time and prepared for raids. Includes :
- Enchanted -
- Gem slots filled -
- Food -
- Flasks -
- Potions -

*Recruiting Classes*
- DPS Druids -
- Rogues -
- Hunters -
- DPS Shamans -
- DPS Warriors -
Spec not excluded to exceptional players.

We also do regular group content such as Mythic+ dungeons and hang out playing other games with each other as well. If you're interested we could always use more people that'd like to join a gaming community such as ours.

You can contact me here :
Battle.net tag - Vercross#1411
Still looking
Hey Icastshields,

We would love to add an additional ranged to our core team.

Here's the spam: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20758447972#post-1

Feel free to add me if interested.
Hello! We are actively recruiting and would love for you to take a look. If you think we might be a match feel free to contact me, bnet below:

[A] SACRED of Baelgun (US) 5/11 M

What we need:

Top Priority
MM Hunter

High Priority
BM Hunter

Will also consider any and all capable raiders regardless of class.

About us: SACRED is a long standing guild on the Baelgun server. We consistently push mythic content with our limited 3 night per week schedule.

Atmosphere: We subscribe to the philosophy that less time playing doesn't mean less effort or less success. We're looking for quality players that enjoy the game, want to play with a group of like-minded people and have fun while smoothly clearing out content. We can't sustain these goals with poor players or bad attitudes, so come prepared to show us your 'A' game and that you're a good fit for the guild.

Raid Schedule: Tues/Thurs/Sun 6:30 to 9:00 PST/9:30 to 12:00 EST (Invites 15 minutes prior to pull time)

Applicant requirements:
* A stable internet connection and a computer decent enough to not lock up or lag consistently.
* 18+ years of age, mature guild, no kids please.
* Gear that magnifies effort. Your gear should demonstrate that you know your class and have put effort into gearing up. This includes the correct gems and enchants.
* The ability to listen and respond on Discord.
* Situational awareness; if you can't move out of fire, dodge tornadoes, or keep your place in a rotation, then we're not the guild for you.
* Dedication and reliability; show up consistently and on time - minimum raid attendance is 85%.
* Players who have a proven history of performance, either through logs, references, or general raiding experience.

What we have to offer:
* A tight roster of dedicated players who show up to raids prepared and ready to progress.
* A fun raid environment that's fairly laid back and casual while still pushing current content and maintaining competitive progression with an extremely light raid schedule. We do not add extra mandatory nights like some "3 day/week" guilds, but optional raids do happen on Wednesday nights.
*M+ teams running most days/nights.
* A stable, fun and welcoming guild atmosphere; we are drama free and personable – our raid team consists of men and women ranging from early 20’s up to their 40’s.
* A fair loot council that awards gear based on getting progress. We don't play favorites, period.
* An active group of players who sign on for general fun outside of raids.
* Guild bank repairs and flasks for all members who raid with us (including applicants).
* An active leadership who is open to suggestion.

Think you'd be a good fit for us? Please apply at our website: http://byallthatssacred.enjin.com or contact me in game via BattleTag Zaidian#1658.
We are looking to add a hunter to our mythic roster. Please add me on btag (koriwest#1711) if you are interested

Here's our guild info:

Retrospect raids Tuesday and Wednesday from 8 p.m. - 12 a.m. EST.
Currently 5/11M in ATBT

In addition to raiding, we actively run high keys, do alt runs on the weekends, and have players dedicated to PVP.

We're looking for the following classes/roles:

3-4 DPS (preferably ranged, ret paladin)
1-2 Healers

We also consider all exceptional applicants regardless of class. To be considered please have respectable logs in H or M Antorus the Burning throne

Reach out to one of us on Btag:

@iKoN#111353 (Amznikon- BlackDragonflight)
@Wynd#1492 (Wyndoor- Skullcrusher)
@Datboi#11925 (Casualtony- Skullcrusher)
@koriwest#1711 (Kuttlefish- Skullcrusher)

We invite prospective guild members for our ~2 hour heroic farm on Tuesday as a trial. The trial is meant to evaluate all aspects of you as a raider, from your reliability, your personality, attitude and how you handle mechanics. We stress personality and attitude- we want you to fit in, and enjoy raiding with you.
Retrospect utilizes a loot council system with the intent that every item goes to the player/class that will put it to the best use. We use RC Loot Council to organize and distribute all loot.
<Thot Process> is a late-night guild from a very low populated server in hopes of better results in a better environment. Currently 8/11M

About us:

We are a freshly transferred guild from Lightbringer formerly known as <Sleep Now>. The server environment was much less than satisfactory with recruitment being harsh on low populated servers paired with slim pickings within the server itself. So we took our core and decided to settle in a higher populated server, which brings us to Stormrage!

We are a humorous core of friends who were once part of cutting edge US guilds from previous expansions, and are looking to tackle on raiding with a much lighter and relaxed schedule, but also taking progression seriously. We have been bottle-necked by lower standard players in the past and are looking to correct that mistake by recruiting better quality players for our core going into Mythic Antorus!

Raid times:

Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday 9-12PM PST (12-3AM EST)

Current recruitment needs:

Ranged DPS:
•Shadow Priest and HUNTERS

Melee DPS:
•Warrior, WW Monk, Feral Druid

•Resto Shaman and Holy/Disc Priest

All exceptional players encouraged to apply, even if your class is not listed!


-Be knowledgeable of your class, know what is expected of you for each fight and have the appropriate talents.
-Know the fights, and be prepared for any role you may need to perform in any given fight.
-You should show up on time and prepared with any consumables needed for raid.
-Invites will go out 15 minutes prior to raid start.
-You will be expected to post out if you can't make it or will be late.
-At least be able to handle dark humor, as we like to joke around but are never mean.
-Most importantly being able to communicate in voice chat is required.

Contact: Tell em big papa sent you

Our website is still in the works, but in the meantime, you can contact us via battlenet - Soulsweeper#1739, or DrGreen#1159 or nobrainnoaim#1775
Still looking
US-Thrall: Horde
Raid Times: Tuesday/Thursday 9-12 EST

About us:
We are a guild made up of close friends who are looking to clear end game content and kill mythic bosses in our spare time. We understand that everyone has lives, jobs, and other hobbies/interests outside of Azeroth, so the number one thing we require from you is reliability. We do not tolerate people who leave half way through the raid or not showing up without notice.

We are currently in the process of rebuilding our core mythic team and recruiting members that are looking for home for the remainder of the expansion.

With that being said, we are a fun group of people who laugh, joke, meme, and ultimately.. we win.

Goal as a Guild:
To get Cutting Edge for the current raid expansion.

Current Progression:
11/11N, 11/11H , 5/11M

Current Recruitment Needs:
Yes! (Pala, DK, Monk, War)


Melee DPS:

Ranged DPS:
YES! Aff lock, spriest, mm hunter, moonkin, mage

We are always in recruitment for exceptional players regardless of our current recruitment needs. Do not hesitate to drop us a line at any time!

In addition to our raiding needs, feel free to apply as a social member for a more casual environment! Join us for Mythic+ dungeons and PvP.

What We Expect From You:
Be punctual! Be on time and ready to pull.
Strong knowledge of your character.
A mature attitude with the ability to accept constructive criticism.
Have discord with a mic
Geared to min 950 ilvl and 75 Traits

Communication and Loot Rules:
We use discord and do require that you have a mic in order to communicate with the rest of the guild. We will be using M/L on progression nights and P/L on farm nights. Tier will be prioritized depending how much someone needs it.. ie: 2pc/4pc.

How to apply:
Feel free to add one of our officers on battletag, discord, or post in this thread.


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