950ish war LF guild

Auchindoun, Cho'gall, and Laughing Skull
I haven't played in about 5-6 years, and not because I didn't want to, but because the house we bought was so far out in the woods, we didn't have internet stable enough to play. I started playing again around Christmas, and now I have completed freeing up my work schedule. I would like to get back into raiding, but nothing to overly serious. Preferably 2 days a week.

After receiving internet for the 21st century, I have upgraded all my equipment getting ready to get back into raiding.

I'm pretty much done grabbing everything from normal antorus for all three specs, and cant seem to find a heroic pug that stick around long enough after 1 wipe. I just choose not to put the time into it, but now I really have no choice but to either do that, or finally find a guild.

I'm about to find a group for antorus right now, so Ill be on for a few hours till that finishes up.

I been around for a long time, and was an extremely serious raider back in the day. I raided US top 50, and have server first achieves, along with US top 20 kills.

warriorc#1653 if you would like to chat now

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