9/11M guild recruiting ranged dps

Guild Recruitment
Severity is a semi- hardcore progression guild on the US-Mal’ganis server. Our guild is comprised of members from US-Turalyon, real life friends and in game friends/raiders collected from various other servers. Progression is difficult on low population servers which prompted our move to the US-Mal’ganis server.

Our raid times are settled on

  • Tuesday 8pm-12am CST (9pm-1am EST/6pm-10pm PST)
  • Wednesday 8pm-12am CST (9pm-1am EST/6pm-10pm PST)

  • We are 9/11M with Aggramar in sight. Currently, our raid is lacking a couple of key classes/players to finish Antorus more comfortably, so our raid needs are as follows –

  • Any high performing melee and ranged dps.

  • Our raid team’s goal is to achieve Cutting Edge each tier starting with Antorus and continuing through Battle for Azeroth. We love to have a good time, but expect focus, commitment and performance during progression.

    What You Can Expect From Us

  • First and foremost, a transparent guild. This means transparency with how loot is distributed, what gold and mats in the guild bank are used for, decisions during raid, etc.
  • Raid provided materials. We offer guild repairs for progression bosses (farm, you will pay your own repair bills as they should be minimal), Vantus Runes, feasts and flasks. You are expected to provide your own runes via the reusable Lightforged Rune or with your own Defiled Augment Runes.
  • Honest feedback and constructive criticism. We are not that guild who will sit you without explanation, who won’t give you a chance to reclaim your spot if you’ve been sat, etc.
  • Good times. We run high M+ keys, alt raids, achievement runs, sell M+ runs, etc. There is almost always something to do in the evenings/late night.
  • What We Expect From You

  • 90% Attendance. This means you may miss one raid per month on our schedule.
  • Raid Ready. This means have your tomes for changing talents as needed, having gems and enchants in your bag ready so you can get gear taken care of as soon as you receive it in raid, etc.
  • Thick skin. As stated, we’re very honest and give constructive criticism after reviewing logs and performance. We expect you to be able to improve on your weaknesses as needed. We also love to give each other a hard time, take jabs at each other and just have a good time. If you are someone that takes the little things personally, you probably won’t last here.
  • Do your research. If you come into a boss flying blind, this means you were not prepared for raid. Questions are always welcome, but you should have a general idea of the fight beforehand.
  • Realism and understanding. We do not recruit for bench, however, to field a 20-man roster, understand we rotate very frequently to get people the bosses they need loot from or if we need their class to more easily handle mechanics on a certain fight. We bench as little as possible, but with real life, there must be one. If you want a full-time spot, you earn it, but ideally, we’re all here for progression and everyone should be willing to do their part.
  • If you have any questions or are interested in a trial with us, please contact any of the officers via battle tags below.

    Swiver, Recruitment Officer

    Grav, Guild Master
    J I N K I E S
    need players
    March Madness Bump!
    upset lyfe!
    Bump! Monday Blues! Let's go!
    Still looking for some more players!
    Coffee break! Where the ranged dps and healers at!
    To the top with you
    Hello I am QT range, please accept me with lots of love, thank.
    need dps.

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