6/11M Slightly Delicious Is Recruiting!

Guild Recruitment
Hello players looking for a guild,

Slightly Delicious on Area-52 is recruiting mature new members to join our raid team!
We are a Semi-hardcore raiding guild and we're looking for solid and consistent raiders to bolster our core as we progress through the rest of Antorus and prepare for BFA. Our goal is to push through mythic content as a team and enjoy raid content at the highest difficulty!

Our raid times are Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 7:00 to 10:00 PM EST.

Currently, we are 6/11M ABT with very low wipes on Kin'garoth (best pull is 8%!)

Any classes will be considered, but we are especially looking for a resto druid and ranged dps.

We have a very chill environment, and while we are focused during raids, many of us like to do PvP or old content such as Mythic Gul'dan or Tomb runs during off days. We also have multiple heroic or normal runs throughout the week at various times for alts or anyone who wants to participate. We also have many members who love mythic+ and regularly push 20+ keys! If you like running keystones you'll definitely find people to do them with here. We are very close as a community and I'm sure you'll find a home with us!

If you'd like to chat with us in game or want more information you can add any of these battletags: (or alternatively, our discord names to message us)
Dogfrog#11125 (Discord: Dog#9601)
TheTreeFrog#1848 (Discord: Andell#4301)
Deadfroggy#1433 (Discord: Deads#4186)
Destructocon#1471 (Discord: Destructocon#3871)
Preheating the oven right now, cakes should be good to go in about 30 mins.

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