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Hello, my main is Thilei. I’m not exsactly sure what to say here so I’ll start with how
Long I have been playing. I have been playing for 13 years and of those 13 years I’ve only tanked and causality dps for heroic raids to help gear some people. I am looking for a long term guild to stick around with, my goal is to see mythic content earlier in the bfa exspansion and have more end game experience. I take raiding and critiaimsim very seriously. I don’t like wasting people’s time and I sure don’t want my time wasted. I am lookIng for a group of people who have the same mind set as me. I am very harsh on my self about making mistakes or spending hours on checking my stats of my gear and checking what could i do better on and what would make my chacter stronger or better. I work a full time job and a full time dad seeing this is a just an game but wanting the most out of what I am paying for. I am a very loyal and determined player I had left my other guild due to the lack of encouragement to others and treating some of the players as they are some young adults. I really hope to find a place to stay and a group of people to run with. I am on illidian and can only raid on weekends, I know that’s a bit of an pinch but until my work schedule settles down that’s what I have to work with. My real I.D is EvilBoomy#1327 if you are looking for a solid player who encourages others to do better then what they did before and pushes his team mates to drive to succeed then I am the guy for you. I hope I get some kind of feed back here and if not that’s okay! I hope you all find what you are looking for in a recruiting add. I apologize for the long message but I said what I thought a recruiter would want to know about. Have a nice time playing and may your journeys be epic and joyful! God bless.
BTAG *EvilBoomy#1327* server illidian (H)

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