8/11M Blood DK EXP LF Mythic raiding

Guild Recruitment
Hey there my main is 8/11M ive killed first 9 besides Kin'Garoth I'm retiring my shaman and wanting to full time play the blood DK I'm 962
If you have any questions hit me up

Btag: Austinakaluf#1504
Still Looking! lmk
Hey there!
In Relentless, our goal is to maintain a relaxed, casual raiding atmosphere that is focused on clearing mythic content while still having fun. Relentless has been on Undermine since May 26, 2007 and we have been actively raiding in every tier since forming.

We generally raid current content on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays from 8:00-11:00 PM EST while running Mythic+ and alt raids on off nights. Loot is distributed through the EP/GP Loot System on Heroic and Mythic difficulties.

Current Progress: 5/11M ABT 7/7M Emerald Nightmare 3/3M Trial of Valor 8/10M Nighthold 5/9M Tomb of Soaks

I sent you a friend request on Battlenet, also feel free to contact me on Discord at Mom#7047

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