61k Lightning Bolt?


I boosted my shaman to level 110, and I switched to ele from enh, and I noticed that lightning bolt does 61k damage, with the proper artifact equipped...

Is this a bug of some sort? Or does lightning bolt actually deal 61k at level 110 with 23k int?

The damage output of LB in enh is much smaller than when it's in ele
This is when I'm in ele
If you’ve just boosted and have no real gear yeah Lightning Bolt is very much just our filler spell outside of PotM procs.
Are your artifact traits fully unlocked?
It is very much possible that it should be dealing a noticeably low amount of non-critical damage when lightning bolt is lacking buffs.

LB in ele is heavily balanced around overloads, Power of the Maelstrom, Stormkeeper's massive +%, lightning rod, elemental focus, and even the natural extra critical bonus damage the spec gets from Elemental fury. Then, with all that listed..... you also have to consider all of their synergy they can have with each other.

Basically, if it's dealing low damage on a non-buffed, non-crit filler, then it's absolutely working as intended.

As an example, Resto's lightning bolt is hardly balanced around any of these things. It hits significantly harder than an ele's naked lightning bolt when not considering the large number of potential increases.

For example, mine deals 196k in ele (no crit, no concordance, no norgannon proc, EF, 0 buffs at all). Then in restoration, mine deals 522k.

Then, if you were to actually throw in and consider all of Elemental's potential effects buffing Lightning Bolt, its DPET can dwarf Resto's by a good chunk.

In other words - no worries.
It's the filler spell. Mastery makes it deal 95% increased damage. You mostly use it with Power of the Maelstrom which guarantees at least one mastery proc, sometimes both for 190% increased damage. You'll use Stormkeeper every minute for triple damage. Also, all Elemental spells crit for 270% damage (or more with relics).

In the end the spell by itself deals little damage but with crit and mast it's a regular filler spell.

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