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09/28/2018 12:38 AMPosted by Elsancho
I just got kicked from a group within a second of joining. The freakin loading screen barely even popped up before i was back in town with the deserter debuff. The hell blizzard?

Similar thing happened to me. Was off killing rares for better chance at loot and was kicked by others in party, they said nothing just kicked, and ended up with deserter debuff. Why do I deserve deserter debuff if someone kicks me?
Does it make any sense that you allow players to kick people for literally playing a Priest? I que'd into Island Expeditions. and clearly they had kicked a priest beforehand because they said "another priest" and then proceeded to kick me. Allowing 2 people out of a total of 3 to vote and pass the vote in this instance is actually a horrible system. It opens up vote-kick abuse.

----- Now feedback while playing my hunter -----
I just qued for Island Expeditions on my Hunter, Ive done tons of these by now. Hes 115. I didnt have any dubloons to purchase the items that literally dps for you. So of course 1 other dps in the party did have them. 3 minutes into the instance, the mage (didnt have the items) says "HUNTER What are you doing?" and I was kicked. i wasnt even given time to explain anything. If youre going to allow these OP items to be used in these instances you NEED to literally announce what they do and how they need to be obtained or dont allow them at all.
Having these items gives the impression to other players (who havent seen them, or know anything about them) thats the normal playstyle/normal dps/healing that that particular class/spec can achieve. This is bad for the community.
Alternatively, new players wont know about these items and seasoned "Island Expedition" players will demand the dps/healing out of them. Which was the case initially when i first qued into Island Expeditions and a hunter was using bombs to clear packs of mobs. I was a Resto Shaman at the time and he said "wheres your damage?????" while he was doing 3-6million damage with the bombs alone on packs... how can i buy bombs WITH NO DUBLOONS?

I know all of this is TLDR, so im not expecting a response.

edited: btw the 3 times i was kicked here i recieved a nice DESERTER DEBUFF. :) COOL I LOVE THIS GAME SO MUCH
My main feedback for the designers is that it is not clear in-game why I should do the expeditions. I've done about 10 of them. I know I build towards the 2500 Azerite reward for the week, but that doesn't feel worth it. The reward is very disconnected from the act. The expeditions are pretty intense, but when you finish, you're left with nothing, even if you "win". Then you have to go back in 2-4 more times, before you get the 2500. Azerite is already a disconnected reward, essentially XP for an item's level that will be averaged into your character's item level, so the extra level of accumulation here seems excessive.

I'm not sure if there is a problem with the actual design/intent, or whether it is fine but the UI is not clearly conveying that intent. Did I get some Azerite from an individual run? (Once I tried to note my total before and after, but it was maybe 1% difference, so I wasn't sure if I was mistaken, or if it was just minuscule). Does the progress towards the weekly total go up whether or I win or lose? (I seem to remember losing and being surprised later that my progress went up -- but I'm not sure -- but then what's the point of winning?). Is there loot? I've never seen any, even trash, so I can't be sure.

There are vendors for consumables that use doubloons or something. You get these from winning previous expeditions, it seems. That seems to imply you do not need to use them to win, so it seems like I shouldn't bother spending them if I was already able to win without spending them. And there are two other people; maybe they will spend theirs. And I'll probably die anyway and lose any buffs, etc.

The whole thing is a race, so it is not very conducive to stopping and reading. Maybe this stuff is apparent somewhere, but I certainly don't see it when I play. I'm not going to scour the boards looking for answers (I'm only here because the servers are down, and though i could at least by slightly productive while I wait); I'm not even going to read this thread again. The only response I care about is it being made clear in the game why I should "work" so hard in the expeditions.
If your running around the island and not looking at the theme of mobs and not doing invasions/portals killing rares and complain about not getting loot/pets/mounts then that's crazy. Example if you want Kindleweb Spiderling pet I spent a 1 day killing the the lava spider mobs on Molten Cay when I seen them and I got the pet. Little tip: run with a friend or friends also increase's your chance.
Things that could be vastly improved with Island Expeditions (in my opinion):

1. ALL AZERITE COLLECTED should be given to the players at the end of the scenario. It could be aggregated and than split amongst the 3 participants so as not to give TOO much away, but the Azerite leveling thus far is painfully slow, so this would mitigate it a bit and make the IE's much more worthwhile.

2. Increase drop rates of pets, mog items, etc. - I have been on dozens of these on two different toons, and I have gotten ONE pet. No toys. No weapons. Nothing else (and yes, I go after the rares, etc.)

3. Dubloons need to be able to be used for more than just consumables during the IE. For the most part, I don't use the consumables so dubloons just pile up. Why not offer items at the vendors that people might want like Mog items, etc. If you want us to grind these things, put some achievable rewards at the end!

4. Tie better WQ's to them. Currently it's just a generic "win the IE and get a little extra Azerite". How about gear? How about pet shards or something? Mog items? Toys?

Summation: The IE's are ok in theory, but the rewards system just doesn't feel worth the grind.
I just got kicked from Island Expedition by 2 other people. I try to chat to communicate with those people but they just silence. And I kicked after half of game. This is unfair at all. Is it possible to check who help on Azerite Power gathering or who Afk? Voting by 2 people who not say anything in chat just wait to kick half game with no reason and no communication is unacceptable.
This happened to me for the first time as well. I now understand what the grumpiness is about. Some of the issue is the 3 man party size. In a 5-man or LFR having 3 or more people vote to kick seems more reasonable. The deserter debuff truly adds insult to injury. At a minimum, there should be no deserter debuff for getting kicked in 3 man content
This seems like a good place to say that I cannot express enough how completely unimpressed, and uninterested I am in Island Expeditions. They are as unrewarding as I could possibly imagine any loot system to be.

Nothing about it feels like exploration because the "being on a timer" rushing around nature of it means I am never wandering around exploring. I am only laser focused on collecting Azerite and killing mobs as quickly and efficiently and as possible. I'm sure you got plenty of feedback during the Beta about this though.

To me it's kind of like running a really easy M+ key with 3 people against much less difficult trash groups, a single easy "Boss" encounter which is the enemy faction group, and with lootables scattered around. It really doesn't feel like fun to me in the slightest. The fact that you never get any rewards makes it practically pointless to do(except for Azerite, but with how bad Azerite armor is who cares about Azerite right?). And the fact that you'll never get anything from it that you would actually want makes it fundamentally pointless.

Frankly, I'd offer some solutions if I cared enough about it to see them get fixed. Or if I even thought it was a possibility that Blizzard would ever make them rewarding in a way that I would be able to enjoy them(because I know you wont). My main purpose in providing this feedback is to attempt to express just how badly one aspect of Battle For Azeroth has failed to provide a meaningful experience. Warfronts aren't much better, and don't even get me started on Azerite armor.
I'm starting to get offended... I've done them literally every moment of my spare time and have a mere 6 pets and 3 quests drop. IS THIS A JOKE? I don't understand how wasting someones time is so important and vital to a game that already has a following...
All I want to say is that I'm really unimpressed with Blizzard and their ability to handle change. They are trying too hard to stay above "water" that they give zero F**Ks sorry for my language about their followers, they would rather you farm for 16 days and still NOT get a mount that you REALLY want, but the time spent just isn't enough, EVERYTHING IS RNG, it's NOT OKAY, it should be just as ILLEGAL as the stupid loot boxes that the government is trying to put a stop to... Money grabbing and DLC is fine, but stealing people's time and money is ruthless. Thank you blizzard, I've wasted so much time just on EXPEDITIONS and i'll never get that back, even in the next patch when you lower this stupid !@# drop rate... GROW UP. PEOPLE NEED TO LIVE OUTSIDE OF YOUR GAME.
was removed from an island expedition while having collected 50% of the collected azurite individually. maybe there could be something put in place to not be able to give a half hour debuff on someone who was removed because one person wasn't getting their way?
Mount drop rate is far too low. I don't think I have put this many hours in farming anything before and not obtaining it.
The reputation rewards from islands should be adjusted.

Many players, such as myself, are accumulating stacks of reputation items which are turned in for literally nothing (with all 6 BFA reputations maxed out). There's no paragon reputation, and the rep turn ins don't offer a modest amount of gold or ap. These items consequently no longer feel like rewards.

Also, the minimum item level required for heroic islands should be raised.
Blizzard, this is just getting disheartening, irritating, frustrating, and old.

These are a fun time sink for me, but are you serious about these drop rates? I feel like once those guides came out and people are forming farm groups they were nerfed back into the ground again. I rarely even see doubloon satchels now. What is the point of running these other than the weekly if you're going to dangle the carrots so far on the string they can never be reached?

I get you want something to last and not be completed in a week, but even the pet drop rate is absurd and the achievement has a TON you have to get.

The mounts are even worse. I mean really, I just really want the damn bird. :( I've completed Azerite Admiral probably close to twice by now and I haven't seen jack. I've only seen a pirate invasion ONE time too, and Mogu maybe ten?

Still not able to get my tank to tank this for my guild. She's totally uninterested. I am glad to see some pets are coming down in price though so I can buy 'em. But 3-man group content were made just for my guild... we have a lot of options for 3-man groups and back in Pandaria we loved scenarios as they fit right into our style of play. We can't always get 5 folk together at once, so 3 person content was so great... I was really looking forward to Expeditions, but sadly they are just so terrible we don't do them at all and heck if I'm gonna join a PUG so I can get kicked from the group at the last minute and get deserter. That's just stinking rotten. :( It's really disheartening.
Well assuming this ever gets read by a blizzard employee...

Here's my feedback:

1. Fix the bugs. Atm some of the chests are bugged, the naga boss is still bugged, and so is the vrykul invasion boss.

2. Fix the rewards, also the rng is terrible.

The laziest way to fix this would be; Upon winning an island expedition give people a loot bag that would contain some gold, dubloons, and a one percent chance to drop any of the mounts, pets, and toys.

(This would be in addition to the current system so you will still get a bonus for killing specific rares).

That way even if the specific rare I am hunting doesn't spawn I will still have a chance at the items I want. "cough *Squawks* cough"

P.S. This feedback is coming from a collector, these things are really a headache atm.
Thank you for creating a dubloon vendor that will allow players to target rewards and give players new ways to spend dubloons.

However, I strongly feel that we need to add the existing island rewards to these vendors. Seeing reports of players doing 1-2k islands without ANY mounts is a bit ridiculous. Even if these mounts were worth 2,000, 10,000, 20,000 dubloons, etc. this would be better than an endless RNG grind. Please consider, love the change otherwise!
10/24/2018 10:10 AMPosted by Ortholomus
Thank you for creating a dubloon vendor that will allow players to target rewards and give players new ways to spend dubloons.

However, I strongly feel that we need to add the existing island rewards to these vendors. Seeing reports of players doing 1-2k islands without ANY mounts is a bit ridiculous. Even if these mounts were worth 2,000, 10,000, 20,000 dubloons, etc. this would be better than an endless RNG grind. Please consider, love the change otherwise!

I'm with you on that one. Killing every pirate rare on rotting mire over 600 times, and no mount. I'm pretty sick of this rng. Tell us how the loot works, or sprinkle some fairy dust on the rng. For everyone's sanity, please.
I just want to know how the loot system work..

this is not a thing that the secret finding discord should crack up with ideas because you created a system and just throw them there to let people find out how it works, you constantly glorify the islands as "amazing" feature but the drops are abysmal nobody knows how the loot works because you kill whatever you're trying to be after to and you still don't get anything most of the time..
Well since Blizzard is listening to feedback I have returned.

After doing a whole bunch of island expos I can now give you guys better feedback!

Apparently all the major issues with the isles stems from the way in which the content was designed.

Basically it is a way for heroic+ raiders to level up their necklaces. This assumption is based on the layout of the islands, the difficulty of the mobs, the reward structure, the timers design etc.

If Blizzard wants people to like island expeditions they need to do as follows:

1. Change the reward structure.
-Atm you can either farm rares for rewards or farm azurite in order to win. You cannot do both. This leads to a lot of headbutting, vote kicks, etc.

2. Fix the godawful rng.
-Atm I have to spam islands hoping for the rare I want, then I have to kill the rare, and hope I get the item I want. Hence godawful double dipping rng.

3. Alter the timer.
-I get you want us to race and feel anxiety, but in the lower modes I don't have enough time to explore and kill rares. Let me have more time and some actual fun darn it.

4. Alter the difficulty of the mobs in lower modes.
-Atm some of the mobs hit way harder than they should (I am looking at you elementals), while others have super annoying CCs and OP heals.

Honestly though, the laziest way to fix most of the problems would be:
-Upon winning an island expedition give people a loot bag that would contain some gold, dubloons, and a one percent chance to drop any of the mounts, pets, and toys.

P.S. The items on the dubloon vendor are too expensive atm. I would have just put in a new currency. Also please add a blue parrot to the vendor since those darn pirates never want to give me the green parrot. ><

P.S.S. It would be nice if you would list the loot tables somewhere other than wowhead (like on the forums) as many people still don't know how the rewards work in island expeditions.

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