[A][Stormrage] New HC guild LF dps/heals!

Guild Recruitment
Mythic Zero Prepotters is a brand new guild being formed by a couple buddies, and we want you to be a founding father/mother along with us! Having struggled finding a guild that offers everything we need, we have decided to build one up from scratch. Keep reading if you find joining a rapidly growing and extremely tightly-knit guild exciting!

What we'll have to offer

A fresh start: Let's face it, joining an established guild can sometimes be a bummer: everyone already knows eachother, cliques are formed, etc. When you become a prepotter, you will be one of the originals, and will be able to make friends and get to know eachother from the start! We are building an awesome Discord server for guildies to hangout in, and will strive to put fun and socialization first.

Raid team: Interested in becoming an original member of a brand new raid team? We are currently recruiting all roles and will be plowing through normal Antorus into heroic ASAP. Heroic experience is preferred, but not necessary. We encourage everyone to speak up if they'd like a spot, chances are you'll get it! Note: Since this is a brand new guild and raid team, raid times are TBD. This will be voted on by the team members depending on their desires and availability but we'll definitely have a required raid night on Fridays, 7-11pm EST.

Mythic Plus: Both GMs enjoy pushing M+ keys, and so will tons of other members! You'll always have a group of awesome people to run some dungeons with when you're bored.

Recruitment : The good news is that since we're a brand new guild, we want everyone! Just want to socialize and join an awesome new community? Perfect! Are you a casual player who likes to push keys in their spare time? Awesome! Do you want to join a dedicated new raid team to quickly push through normal and strive for quick heroic completion? We want you!

Our main heroic roster is currently in need of:
Heals: Preferably holy pally or mistweaver, but all are welcome to inquire!
DPS: Open to all!

Don't hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns you have, or to let me know you're interested in joining the prepotters! Shoot me a BNet request at: REDBAND#1470. Cheers!
Already have some fellas transferring over, looking for more peeps of all roles!
If you guys end up going really late night like 11:30pm or later hit me up my guild just stopped raiding for the xpac Tubesocks#1806
03/01/2018 03:29 PMPosted by Fearöshima
If you guys end up going really late night like 11:30pm or later hit me up my guild just stopped raiding for the xpac Tubesocks#1806

Starting at 11:30? We likely won't be starting that late. More like 7-11 or something like that. Thanks though!
Still recruiting all roles for core spots! Hit me up on BNet with any questions!
This isn't a bump I swear
I'll be online all night, still looking for heals/dps!

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