Friendly Reminder: RP Realms Don't Have CRZ

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Really REALLY didn't need to advertise this because I can think of 2 rp servers who don't need more random people...
builds a wall around my server with a sign post saying, "Gett offf ma lawn!"

I happen to like my server filled with people who are actually interested in what the server offers on the tin.

Don't put magical surprises in my cereal bowl.
As somebody on a High pop RP server let me tell you that even without CRZ You're not unique coming here for that purpose and these servers tend to attract the kind of people who are actually out hunting those hard to find rares and such so you're still going to have to deal with stiff competition.

So yeah a friendly reminder you're not the only one with the brilliant idea to try and "Farm" the no crz.

You're not even one of the first few.

You're the panting fat kid who crossed the finish line an hour after everyone else.
I really like to servers. The problem mine( sisters of sound ) is a literal ghost zone .. there isn't even tumble weed
It's kind of funny. I since left RP servers a long time ago but my sister still maintains a max level main on MG.

When I was playing a hunter I was after Gom for a long time on my high-pop PvE server. I'd check every hour or so for days, and nothing. I asked my sister to pop me an invite to hers and boom, 10 seconds later my blue troll hunter has a shiny blue raptor.

I think CRZ in itself is just flawed though. This thread proves it somewhat.

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