[H]Dropbears of Funk 4/11M - Jubei/Gundrak

Oceanic Guild Recruitment
<Dropbears of Funk> is a semi-casual Jubei'thos guild who have been together for over 10 years now. We're a strong community that enjoys raiding, mythic + and playing other games together.

We are currently looking for dedicated players for Mythic Antorus. Currently 4/11M, we are an easy going group that strives to do their best and expect each player to bring their A game whilst having fun at the same time.

We raid Wed/Thur nights from 730pm-1030pm server time (AEDT)

We are looking for dedicated DPS and heals to add to our ranks. Exceptional alternative roles also considered.

Contact: Leasie#2950, Sorcerory#1317 or Danski#1606 for more details

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