[H] 8/11H Recruiting For Progression Raiding

Guild Recruitment
<Ex Inferno> is a multi-game community with its main branch on Area 52 Horde. And we are just that - a community. We are a group of gamers who have come together to enjoy our games in a welcoming, all-inclusive environment.

We do have branches of our guild in Overwatch, Diablo 3, HoTS and a few other games but WoW is by far our largest game.

In fact, we currently have four raid teams all at different levels of progression. The team that this post is referring to is Team Pink.

Team Pink is <Ex Inferno>'s longest-running raid team. Its core members have been raiding together for a couple of years now and know how to work together extremely well. You will find that the team has excellent communication amongst its members and the ability to follow mechanics smoothly once learned.

We are currently 11/11N and 8/11H. Right now, we are a bit behind in progression due to roster issues, be it RL-related or otherwise. And that's ok. We always look to the future and keep pushing forward. That is what Team Pink is all about!

We love to raid, have a ton of fun doing it and love the challenges of progressing forward as a team. Our hours are work-friendly because we know that ultimately, RL does take priority. We all have families and jobs, too! We play this game for fun, but when it comes time to raid and progress on bosses, we get down to business.

If this sounds like the sort of team you would be interested in, here is some information about our team and current needs.

Server and Faction:
Area 52 Horde

Raid Dates & Times:
Wednesday: 8:30-10:00pm EST & Friday: 8:30-11:30pm EST

Current Progression:
11/11N & 8/11H ABT

Current Needs:

1 Off-Tank

Warlock - High Priority
Mage - High Priority
*Full on Hunters*

1 Healer

Age 18+
iLvl 935+
Excellent Raid Attendance
Required Addons (list will be provided)


If you are interested in joining up with Team Pink, becoming part of the <Ex Inferno> community or have any questions, please contact me on bnet!

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