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Hello, I am a experienced raider, have AOTC for all raids in Legion. I am looking to use my boost and make a Hunter on the Horde Side. I know the class very well.

Raid times i am looking for are Friday and Saturday 7 to 10 Central. Looking for a guild before I use the boost. server does not matter, even though I would prefer PVE server.

All my other toons are on the alliance side, I have been wanting to explore the horde side for some time now.

I could keep going but would rather chat in person. Leave your guild info and contact info below. I will be checking this often.

Thank you for taking a look.
<Last Call> is looking for a few ranged dps. We raid Friday & Saturday 8-11pm EST/7-10 CST. Normal+Heroic only. Lots of active and social members. There's usually a bunch of us chatting in discord even if we aren't playing any games.

Most of our members have previous heroic/mythic experience. The GM and a few officers were previously in a top 100 mythic guild back in WOD.

Now is a great time to join and progress right along side us. Many of us have either come from stagnant/disbanded guilds or are getting a late start in Legion. We had our first raid last weekend and went 11/11N. We'll be doing a few Heroic bosses this week after Normal.

Please contact me any time if you are interested. I'd love to talk to you. If not, then good luck with your search.


Discord: Brews#4531 (easiest way to contact me)
BTag: NoHero#1606

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