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The Excellent Adventure was formed in August 2017. The guild started small with just a handful of people, but from that core it has grown into a community of like-minded folks looking to enjoy the game but also approach it with a more serious tone toward raiding.

This is a community where there are a ton of laughs and good times to be had, but we also go over logs and expect our raiders to perform. Nobody in the guild gets sat without being given a chance to improve and grow. We like to invest in our players so that they feel more inclined to invest in our community.

Our team is a six hour per week raid team, two nights. We take those six hours fairly serious, we expect people to come in and put their best foot forward so that we can still see success at a decent pace. We also have a farm night that is more casual and offers a way to still get that raiding fix in a more relaxed atmosphere.

In addition to the serious tone, we all very much enjoy each others company. Often spending time outside of raid running M+, PvP, transmog, or even playing other games together. Other than just raiding, we also host quite a few social events that our community enjoys. Our events range from in game transmog competitions and scavenger hunts to out of game d20 nights.

Now for what you all came here for, below is our listed raid times and information.

Mythic Progression Team (5/11M)

Tuesday and Thursday 8:30-11:30pm EST.

We form up at 8:15pm to get summons out and trash down so we can pull as near to 8:30 as possible. We typically provide flasks and feasts for our raiders.

Our optional farm nights are Sundays from 8:30-11:30pm EST.

We are looking for raiders who can maintain a near 100% attendance and have a strong knowledge of their class. People that are open to feedback and can keep a positive attitude during frustrating wipes. We also generally prefer people who enjoy the game and spend time online outside of raid time.

Other than just raiders, we are also open to accepting social players who would like to join to run M+, casual raids, or join in our social events. Our social events consist of things like Transmog Competitions, Scavenger Hunts, and just about anything else you could think of.

If any of this sounds like something you’re interested in, please contact any of the people listed below.


Zakaren (Btag: Lanirus#1104 | Discord: Lanirus#9887)
Optiqs (Btag: Logan#14431 | Discord: Logan#2712)
Whatqueue (Btag: C2XKite#1367 | Discord: Teisei#8265)
Nakilz (Btag: IronMoxite#1277 | Discord: Nakilz#8028)


Zorn (Btag: Zorn#1806 | Discord: Zorn#6980)
Cloyster (Btag: Cloyster#1955 | Discord: Cloyster#2492)
Rimeblade (Btag: Gauntlet#1976 | Discord: Gauntlet#0359)
Slangberries (Btag: Slang#1303 | Discord: Slang#3760)
Crimsonlotas (Btag: Zeeneth#1640 | Discord: Zeeneth#3686)
Always looking for more!
4/11M now. still looking for more to join the adventure!
Always looking for more to join our community
Always looking for more players come see how excellent we are
5/11M now!
anyone else up for the adventure? looking for mythic ready raiders to come trial!
Are you guys in need of a tank?

I am a returning player, been raiding since vanilla, just started playing about a week ago and am looking to find a new home to experience what I can out of this expansion and have a strong presence in BfA.

Your raid times seem like they would work great for my real life situation.
Always recruiting, reach out to us!
would love some new recruits
back to the top, we need some mages to come join our excellent adventure
Got a second team in the works that is focused on heroic, looking for more to join in.
after a long weekend of irl stuff i have returned to bump this post.
have an open tank spot in bfa for a guardian druid if interested pst
still in search of recruits we also have a heroic team starting in bfa, if interested please reach out.
hope everyone had a good memorial day, still recruiting.
we are currently done with the raid tier till next expansion but will be going strong in BFA still recruiting people that want to raid mythic next expansion!
recruiting for bfa! feel free to reach out

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