Best looking race for warlock?

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Alliance: Dwarf
Horde: Orc

The answer is always Gnome.
1. Ud male tied with Orc male.
2. Darkspear Troll [Zand would be top if they were in]
3. Gnomes/Dwarves

All elves & humans look horrible as warlocks and boring AF. They're so common, all over the place. Like rats.
I've never seen another Warlock look even half as stylish as my Goblin does.
Trolls. Either Darkspear or Zandalari.

Although I admit it's rather funny seeing a teeny goblin or gnome running around in spooky warlock gear
I would say Undead for sure. the way they stand in some of the mog gear is just ...creepy.

outside of Undead since I can't tell what a Zandalari troll would look like with out going to wowhead an slog through the dressing room I would likely have to go with Orc second.

most Mogs look good on Orc's and they have that Gul'dan type vibe to them.

thats my opinion tho
BE look the best.

With the fel eyes and all.
Mine is a female human, love the animations and how armor fits. VE would be my second pick.
Here is The 2nd vote for goblin!

02/17/2018 11:49 AMPosted by Grumbles

The answer is always Gnome.

Best race for extinction?

(jus kiddin, i like gnomes too)
Zandalari Troll and Orc
I always thought the male orcs looked the best. Their tier sets just scream orc to me. Forsaken would probably be second place.
Blood/Void Elves make the best casters in general.
Void elf in the Alliance
Blood elf and Nightborne in the Horde
Orc. The original, the best
Orcs and Trolls, by far. Every Warlock set looks great on them. They look truly monstrous.

There’s nothing sinister about wee elves and Forsaken prancing about with their 100 pound frames and tiny shoulderpads.
Void Elf, but the proc is goofy.

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