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Just recently came back from a nearly 3 year break and I am looking for a new heroic/mythic raiding guild to call home. Prior to my break I raided mythic BrF on my Prot Pally. Any evening raid schedule will work for me days don’t matter. I have full cleared Antorus on heroic but more as a carry and to study and learn from the guild I’m in but they don’t seem to have a tank spot so I keep being forced into a spec and role I don’t really want to play as such I felt like it was time to try and find a home where I could tank, to try and finish out legion and roll into BfA strong with an established place in a guild.

Sorry I don have logs or any of the other stuff as I’ve only been back a month and not really been given the chance to tank but I’d love to talk to anybody interested in a guardian Druid.
My btag is Roarshock#1173
I can also be reached on discord at Shifthappens#1335
Thanks for your consideration
I added you and will leave my info below

Our guild (OOB) was formed on November of 2006 and has raided since level 60 molten core. While we are going on our 12th year as a raiding guild we do so without recruiting for the bench. Our raid times are Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday 7pm till 10pm CST.
We pride ourselves in the stability of this guild and treat each other like family here. I would love to speak with you about everything else. I do not feel that to cut and paste recruitment spam on people’s threads, give either person any insight. It is much better to find a good fit by actually taking the time to get to know someone. If this peeks your interest, please take the time to add me so we can talk. My Bnet ID is Geo#1668

I look forward to speaking with you,

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