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Hey everyone! I transferred over to another server last year to play with some real life friends. Everyone on the Blackhand server that I have played with for the longest time has either left the game or transferred somewhere else. I have played on Blackhand since the Vanilla days and made some good friends and played with great players. Holy cow so many great memories! Especially in PVP.

Unfortunately due to the football season last fall I had stop playing Warcraft and focus on football, school, etc. I just didn't have the time to play which sucked because I really enjoy the game. All of my buddies and former guild mates on the Grizzly server understood this and was fine with my 4-5 month vacation from the game. Well... after logging back on a week ago everyone in the guild has either left or transferred to another server. I talked with a former guild mate on that server asking about what has happened. I got the usual... "everyone got burned out, so and so transferred, etc."

Anyways, I was thinking about coming back to Blackhand and was wondering if there was anyone still on from back in the Vanilla days??? I am back for a long while and would like to find a guild that is all about having a good time, raiding, maybe some PVP? It's been a while so I would like to find a guild who could help me and educate me on what's recently going on in the game. I appreciate any feedback and hope everyone is doing well!
There's a few of us old vanilla Blackhand guys still around, scattered in various guilds
Yeah, I need a good Casual Guild on Blackhand. My guild has basically died no one is ever on. I mainly just do quests and dungeons. Casual Gamer these days. Would like to build friendships with some active members.
<Gwen Stefani> is a Family Oriented Christian Loving Guild that is looking to recruit new members to help spread the good word of Jesus to Icecrown Citadel and to the Lich King himself.
Walmart Security force is always looking for more members, we boast one of the biggest guild in the server. The lowest member count i've seen was high 800 members, so /who us today and join the fun.

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