<From the Ashes> [A] 8/11 Heroic Antorus

Antonidas and Uldum
<From the Ashes> [A]

Currently 8/11H Antorus
Working on Glory to the Argus Raider

Past exploits
TOS 9/9 H and AOTC
NH 10/10 H, AOTC and Glory to the Legion Raider
TOV 3/3H and AOTC
EN 7/7H (Reformed mid tier)

A guild that has been around since ICC. Is looking for a few more raiders. We focuses on raiding as a guild not loot. All officers have been playing and raiding since Vanilla. We raid Wed and Fri from 7pm pst to 10pm ish. Our main Goal is AOTC every tier, while only raiding two days a week.

Current needs are warlock, a back up tank, other classes welcome.

If interested contact Sussac42#1841, Nic#1541, Theginja#1301
Discord https://discord.gg/UgGS2X2

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